Learning Log #6 High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life

These are my 3 best images for high & low key lighting assignment. I really like how all of my high key images came out. We used artificial lighting to create highlights and shadows. With the help of the white table and continuous light, there was a very nice light with a lot of intensity that bounced off the table, which created a reflection and highlights on the props being photographed. I moved the continuous light around. I positioned myself directly in front up close to the props.  The first image was photographed to fill the frame, focusing more on the red dinosaur and car. The second image was photographed in my point of view, focusing on the shell and beads. With the low key image, I used a diffused orange gel to create a dark mood to match the skull vibe. Highlights and shadows were created with a dimmed light setting. I stood away and over the props to create an wider view. Now looking at the image I should have zoomed in a bit more to get less of the table. Overall I liked learning new ways to play with lighting in images.

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