Learning Log #6 – High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life

In todays class we learned about High Key and Low Key lighting. In my still life In image 1 I decided to go with a “theme” sort of kind of. The theme was more of Jurassic Park with a vintage feel to it. The light felt a bit too heavy in my opinion but the more I looked at it, I noticed that the lighting was good. In image 2, I decided to remove the two glasses and zoom in more on the Jurassic Park scene that was occurring at the moment. With this one I was trying to use the High Key lighting and merge both Low and Key light in the same setting to see if there were going to be any contrast or balance between the two because there were some dark parts. Lastly, Image 3 used the Low Key Lighting and with this one it turned out to be less focused on the skulls head and just focused more on the vines instead. So with that one I needed to focus more on focusing more on the prop itself instead of everything else surrounding it. Overall, I felt like I did a somewhat good job with the Low and High Lighting in my opinion I feel like i need to work more on focusing on the objects more and perhaps finding a great great light source.




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