Learnin Log #5- Action/Motion Portraits

These are my 3 best photos for motion. The first photo I went for frozen motion. Using the Rule of thirds composition, and a  large shutter speed, I caught Peter in the air as he jumped over the cone. The second photo is a semi motion, I had to lower the shutter speed to caught Marion’s body, scarf an sweater motions. I focused more on her an worked really hard not to create a blurry background. I really like the movement a caught from her scarf. The last photo was the hardest because it was really hard to catch cars at the location so I took advantage of the walk back. I used the panning technique an focused on the car while using a larger aperture to capture the car in motion and with doing that created a blurry background. I enjoyed these but they were not easy. You have to move as fast as the object to catch the motion an you have to still pay attention to composition, while focusing on your subject a lot to factor in for the shot!

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