Learning Log #5 Action/Motion Portraits

This is the hardest one to photograph. I was playing with the Shutter speed the most and failing to decrease the brightest as I lower the shutter speed. The first picture I wanted to do frozen motion on the swing without any blur, but I didn’t increased the shutter speed enough and I should have taken the photo from the side. The moving object and the ghosting photograph I was able to understand how to use the shutter speed to make the object or person look blurry.

1 thought on “Learning Log #5 Action/Motion Portraits

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    I think your blurred motion shots work very well. For the first one, it appears close to, if not frozen, but I think you had a focus issue with the focus not grabbing your subject on the swing, and rather focusing further behind. This can be tricky with moving objects/people. However, it does look like you managed to get the correct exposures or close enough for most of these, despite your struggles with decreasing brightness. When you slow your shutter speed down on a sunny day, you must lower your ISO, or close down your aperture.


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