HW #3 Photoville

The photo that I chose was taken by a photographer Lee, Seok Hoon. She was working in the middle east as part of a rescue crew and was around dead bodies and after removing a body she felt the need to take a picture to remind her of life and beauty. This was my first time at photoville and it was honestly exciting for me, seeing all these pictures and reasons that people too was so amazing. I looked at photos assuming one story and read something completely different.

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About Kiara Camacho

I’m indecisive about how this bio should look. I was never placed into a graphic design program in high school and my photography teacher was in the hospital during that ‘one time’ in photography class so I never had a strong mentor to teach me what I wanted to know and what I never knew. I went to a low large high school with an under-funded art department in Pennsylvania and a low level high school on the lower east side of New York. In my first year of City Tech I had a teacher by the name of Paul Perlow and he was a piece of work. He continuously doubted by “sense of creativity” as he called it and harshly criticized every piece of art work I designed. At one point I doubted myself as a potential designer and as an art director. Then again he isn’t the one making the designs, and I took every fallback that I had and am using it as motivation. It's never good to let yourself be measured by someone else's thoughts.

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