Learning Log #2 Natural Light Portraits


In today’s assignment we worked with the help of a reflector to add light on our models t for portraits. This was very difficult to do being that it was a cloudy day, which gave us more of a diffused scenery at our destination. When the sun did come out it was still very difficult to catch a cast of light on my model. It was also hard to find exactly the sun’s direction. With the photos I choose,  I used the rule of third as direction on how I positioned Marione in my frame. Photographing her off center on one side leaving space to view the scene behind her. She also gave me great poses were she would turn her body to help with my angle. In the first photo I worked with the lines from the gate to create a composition with leading lines that lead towards Marione. In the second an third I focused on Marione, while blurring out the background. I also left a little personality leaving people and cars in the background to create a sense of reality within the photo. Over all enjoyed photographing and using the reflector outside for the first time.

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