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MoMa Extra Credit

Being: New Photography 2018

Out of the entire photography exhibit, one set of photographs that had caught my eye was My Birth by Carmen Winant. This specific set of photography caught my eye because of the two walls, top to bottom, lined with photos pf varying sized of women giving birth which is something that is seen as taboo to many people. I thought out of the different collections of work, this had really stuck out to me. Birth is something spoken about yet at the same time, considered nasty to many people, and to see two whole walls filled from top to bottom of countless experiences of new and old moms was something very unique to me.

The photos were a collection of shots ripped or cut from larger images and old albums. They ranged from close ups of the baby, the mother, and the process of giving birth. Many of the photos are gray scale and grainy while others are old with fading colors. A lot of the photos are also fill the frame types where the focus is the baby leaving the womb. There were also some rule of thirds photos, mainly featuring women giving birth in water or the infant fresh out of the womb with the cord still attached. I did not add the photos to this extra credit assignment due to their graphic nature, involving blood and nudity not being allowed on this website.