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Michael Muller: Portrait Photography

I choose this picture by Michael Muller. The person of this picture locates on the right in the middle of the picture. However, the light from the right side successfully divides the face into two parts. The blue eye in the shaded area is particularly noticeable, it looks like the gems that shine through the darkness. From the color of the background clothes of the characters, the picture is on the gray-blue color tone, it also couples with a melancholy expression gives people a little bit sad feeling. The small light behind the neck of the character makes the black shaded area doesn’t take too much area, and I think this part of the cool light is the important part of the picture atmosphere. The light source above the background made the character’s blue clothes not out of balance. Therefore, the lighting and atmosphere on this picture are all doing well and I really like it.

Alex Noriega: Landscape Photography

I chose this photo by Alex Noriega because I enjoy how peaceful yet chaotic it looks. The way the photo’s composition is make me feel like I am not only there but like I am right in the center of it all. I also like how well timed the photo is, you can see the waves crashing up adding more drama to the photo. Looking at Alex’s work you can notice how some of the pieces are extremely peaceful while others are full of action packed with natural beauty. However, you do not see a lot that have both elements in them like this one and I really enjoy that in art.


Be creative and be unique is the key for me, and I have been filming wedding for almost more than 2 years, so I decided to choose Jerry Ghionis work, and choosing a picture from his work was not easy, he is so talented, and all of his work looks great.

I chose this specific picture because it seemed unique to me. Bride and Groom look like they are inside the magical mirror from ancient time. Composition for this image is so unique, it fills all for grids of the image, on one side we see our bride and groom, on other side we can see stair case. It is such a simple picture with such attractive aspects in it. especially the framing for bride and groom, and the lighting which looks like it is a boom strobe coming from the top working as key for their faces, and than some lightroom work to bring more life into couple’s as they are the main aspect of the picture.

Alex Noriega

The photographer I chose was Alex Noriega. His landscape photography gives off a soft dreamlike aesthetic. Many of his photos have high saturated, warm colors that mix together and form a magical scene seemingly effortlessly. His photos capture serene, magical moments in the real world, making them seem out of a memory.

One photo that stood out for me was Rainbow Rider because of the dense shrubbery. In this photo fill the frame is used as the dull tree is the center of attention, or the figure, while the colored shrubbery acts as the background, having the tree stand out greatly even though the branched stick out in a fine, almost fuzzy way.

Rainbow Rider by Alex Noriega

Blair Bunting

As someone who is almost oblivious when it comes to photography, Blair Bunting is the one photographer who stood out the most. Blair Bunting specializes mainly in sports photography. Though he has worked with magazine companies such as as Billboard. On his website you can find many pictures of athletes such as football players, soccer players, and track runners. One of his pictures that stood out to me in particular was of a swimmer who’s in a body of water from the shoulder up. There also appears to be a mass of land in the background. This photo stood out to me because it almost looks like it was done completely digitally. The quality of this picture is so crisp and clear. The lighting is pretty good as well. Seeing pictures like this makes me want to become an expert in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.