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Before and After Top 3 Photos

Homework 1

I was drawn to this photo because of its symmetry. The subject is framed by the the staircase on both sides of the picture. The focus is on the center where the subject is located. Although the subject is not perfectly centered, the size difference between the subject and the rest of the photo is what makes the subject the focal point.

HW#1: Michael Muller: Entertainment Photography

I choseĀ Michael Muller as the photographer who’s photography caught my attention. His website has a large selection of various types of photography and because I’m really drawn into the entertainment industry, I was amazed to see how many of my favorite movie posters were shot by him. After going through his many photographs i noticed how intense the images tend to be, especially the portraits. The photo, or poster, that caught my attention was the poster of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. This was my favorite Marvel movie of all time which is probably the main reason I chose to speak about it. In this image Muller uses many different photography rules. There’s clear framing,Ā contrast in theĀ foregroundĀ andĀ background.Ā Instead of using the rule of thirds,Ā Muller centers the body which ends up making the image look symmetrical. TheĀ diagonal lines lead your eyes to the direction of Captain America. Overall the poster looks perfect for the epic movie that it is!

Poster of Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'. Photographed by Michael Muller.

Hw 1 – mkc609 Street photographer

I chose this photograph because it captures the moment very well. It shows how the city really will never stop no matter what.Ā  The detail is good, you can see the tracks in the ran over snow. This photograph especially stood out because the person riding theĀ  bicycle in the snow to do their job. It was the first ting that caught my eye and made me look around it. This picture must of had a short exposure because it was able to capture the snowflakes falling and the bicycle without blur.

HW #1 – Michael Muller


These two photographs were taken by Michael Muller. This first photo was drawn to me because I found it humorous.Ā What Seth Rogen is doing with his glasses shows his personality. The second photo also Ā was drawn to me because of the sultry and intense look of Megan Fox. Ā  I love the black and white of the photo.

Francesco Gola: Landscape Photography

I decided to pick this photograph byĀ Francesco Gola because it represents how feel at times. in the photograph there is only two rocks out in a vast body of water. i feel like as if i’m one of those rocks on a vast and expanding world. there are times when i can’t exactly process everything in the world from food to movies to landscapes. Sometimes it can be a little scary, as they say it’s a great big world out there. One thing i liked about this photo is how much of the landscape is let in to show the vast body of water.

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