Michael Muller: Portrait Photography

I choose this picture by Michael Muller. The person of this picture locates on the right in the middle of the picture. However, the light from the right side successfully divides the face into two parts. The blue eye in the shaded area is particularly noticeable, it looks like the gems that shine through the darkness. From the color of the background clothes of the characters, the picture is on the gray-blue color tone, it also couples with a melancholy expression gives people a little bit sad feeling. The small light behind the neck of the character makes the black shaded area doesn’t take too much area, and I think this part of the cool light is the important part of the picture atmosphere. The light source above the background made the character’s blue clothes not out of balance. Therefore, the lighting and atmosphere on this picture are all doing well and I really like it.

1 thought on “Michael Muller: Portrait Photography

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Nice photo choice. This is definitely an exercise in excellent and interesting lighting at play on a familiar human face. Is there one of the 9 rules of composition we discussed that this photo particularly favors? hint: you nearly pointed it out in your review!


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