Hello, my name is Kyle Zoylu Gogo but most people call me Zee. I was born and raised in the Philippines but I’m currently living in New York City, Queens as an international student. Communication Design has become something I admire and enjoy because of the first time I visited Times Square I was amazed by the bright lights and colorful LED screens that lit up astonishing designs and advertisements of different companies. I then made it a life goal to see one of my works flourish in the streets of New York City and proudly say that I made that. Evaluating myself I could say I have a bunch of skills and talents that come in handy in the field of Communication Design. Some of my valued skills are being multilingual, good with the adobe suite, public speaking, problem-solving, leadership, task delegation, and goal setting. A tagline that would best describe would probably be “I’m Only Here for the Passion.”

In a possible future, I see myself as a Creative Art Director for a good company like apple, google, Facebook, Amazon, or warner media. It doesn’t matter where I start or where I finish all I know is that I’ll always give my 101% in every project given to me. I always take pride in every design I make because it is a product of hard work, perseverance, and determination. If I don’t become an Art Director, I am still open to other possibilities as longs as it is related to the field of communication design. I could not see myself working in a different career other than this field where I want to be in. Visually communicating my ideas and letting the world hear it is something I want to happen.