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To Future Research Seminar Students

To Future Research Seminar Students:

Before you take this senior level class, please know that time management is one of the key factors in order to pass this class. One, this class is an intensive writing course. Second, if you’re a full time student and have a full time job as well, you will need to find at least 2 hours everyday to do the required work for each week. Don’t do everything at the last second because you will fall behind on your work and it will be difficult to catch up. Also, it is advised to not take this class with other work or writing intensive classes.

When you pick a topic; pick one you are comfortable writing about. You don’t want to change your topic too much. Procrastination is a bad habit we all have. If you have any issues or have come to a standstill in your paper’s progress, take advantage of the resources available such as emailing or texting Professor Shapiro. He is available for questions after class for clarification.

Hospitality Research Thesis Statement Draft

Hotel and online travel agents have a large impact in the hospitality industry as distribution channels. Conflict and competition exist between these two channels rather than having a balanced distribution. With a balanced distribution, hotel and online travel agents have equitable share of direct bookings and online travel agent bookings. The growth of electronic booking has allowed booking to be more efficient but has also resulted in a declining relationship between hotels and online travel agents. Better policies and regulation need to exists in order to improve the relationship between hotels and online travel agents. The relationship between hotels and online travel agents are measured by various elements and also by the standards that exist for them.


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