Last reflection

To end the class, we looked at contemporary designers and their contributions to our world. Logos of all kinds were shown n the first video, all simple, clean and modern. Remembering the past logos, it’s funny to think that the trend is no longer the overdone logos of before. The three artist put on the spotlight were Paula Scher, Milton Glaser and David Carson.

Paula Scher talked about how she began meeting her own style because she hated Helvetica and ended up mixing old design styles with new. She continues to talk about playing with design, but also mourns the loss of her ability to play around and have fun, but because she’s so well trained. She got stuck doing what she got famous for and thus unable to play more. She met play again when she was able to take the public theatre’s style. It sucked that people ended up copying her style which upset her because it was the Public’s theatre ‘s identity- not NYC’s. Her story was interesting because she does want to play and learn and create on her own; she started to change each season but never had fun since it wasn’t consistent anymore. I wish others would be more mindful of full on copying other styles without crediting. It’s interesting that she wants to have fun and not go to so many boring meetings. It was funny.

She ended up finding more fun when she worked on her own personal paintings of the countries. She said that things were misplaced, ect and she was surprised at how they sold well and actually became popular. She stopped having fun the second they started becoming sucessful because she liked to have freedom and realized by doing these she ended up

Milton Glaser is famous for his ‘I Heart NY’ logo, one made about from how terrible NYC had become in the late 1900s. Overrun by drugs, violence, NYC had never been more miserable. He spoke about his creation of the Old and New. He started questioning do posters have to be square? He did many studies and told people that they don’t. He used perspectiveto create new things for the art director’s club. Art is W(hat)ever. Making a joke towards an artist.

David Carson belives that everything’s readable, no matter what. Because the mind ends up reading it otherwise. I don’t know if I agree with his style, but his personality is very likeable and he understands his style very much.