Reflecting on Progress #7

Interning at Unity For Equality for five weeks was a blast, notably because the projects I took on were ones that I’d already be doing with my personal projects. I enjoy creating collateral and printed materials, it’s my only skills. I learned to be organized and to not be afraid to pitch ideas and make suggestions even though I am a student with not much experience.

I feel as though I’ve grown as a designer because of my new found communication skills. I was also made to brush up on using indesign’s table tools and alternate page numbering, tools I don’t have as much experience with as I haven’t used them as in context as UFE has allowed me to do. I do wonder if COVID-19’s restrictions has hindered my growth since it didn’t allow me to step out of my comfort zone as much as I would have liked to but in the end I’ve made projects I’m proud of.

The completed Calendar.

Link to Presentation: