Effective Communication, Emerging Role Models #6

Every week, UFE has a company meeting. I’m learning that meetings are essential and helps refresh company culture. During this internship, I’ve met my supervisor, the company head. She’s kind, easy to work with and great at her job. Once during work I had trouble understanding some of the tweaks needed for a project, I asked her many questions and it turned out the tweak had been a mistake and we worked it out together. I love being able to work with someone and communicate effortlessly.

I learned that she was located in Singapore and had an alternate timezone than me. My experience at UFE has been an amazing one. I look up to both my supervisor and the chairman because they’ve been so helpful with my process and I can tell they really enjoy their job. Lastly, I am working on a business brochure project, and although I have sketches, I’m still working out two versions to show the team for approval. I feel overall really focused and excited to take on more print projects because it is my passion and my ultimate career goal–– to be an editorial designer. Because I have decided to stay on with them, I will make it my duty to talk to them more and see what else there is for me to learn.

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