First Project, Learning to Ask #3

The first project I had was collaborative. Although I was in charge of design and copy, the head of my department helped once I showed her the options. My projects right now are all 1 on 1 with the collaborative portion coming after it is done.

Firstly, I asked if there were any brand guidelines. I realized there was a lack in consistency and spoke to the head of my department. I asked her if there were any rules we should follow while designing. I explained to her that I was browsing the social media pages and was thinking about the question I asked her earlier. I felt as though it may help create a flow of consistency as well as boost the organization’s social media presence. For guidelines, typography, usage of the logo, colors and design parameters as well as the brand’s personality.

I explained to her that once this is developed, as the organization feels itself out, things like Brand Voice can be added and expanded upon, especially helpful since the organization is active on social media. Keywords is something that would be an interesting addition in the future. For right now the most important is Colors, Logo Usage and Fonts. I also noticed that some of Unity’s employees are remote workers so a PDF to send around would help designers be on the same page with the basis of how Unity For Equality presents itself! Looking back at our interaction I’m proud at how well I articulated myself and hope to do better. I really enjoy this organization.

The project was successful although I wish there was more information to add to the branding book to help designers further.

Below are some pages from the project, I used the company’s colors and high contrasts to embody the feel of the company.