Week 3

This week I began a new project at my internship. I am redesigning 2 flyers for the Women’s Press Collective. I’m working on this project with one of my coworkers. On one flyer we have to follow a lot of guidelines. On the other flyer we get to be more creative and expressive. I work well in teams so this should be good. I’m excited to see how we can combine some of our ideas.

We started our project by looking through various design and typography books to get ideas. Earlier me and my coworker were briefed on how these flyers were going to be used to recruit new members and explain the benefits of becoming a member. That helped us decide what designs we were gonna go with. There were a lot of great design ideas and ways to print out flyers. We did many thumbnail sketches and at the end of the day we decided on three. We will give them to our boss and see which one she likes the best.