Week 14

Over the past few months I was an intern at Women’s Press Collective. I really enjoyed my experience there. All of my coworkers were really nice and welcoming including my boss.  I learned new graphic design techniques which I will continue to use in the future. Overall I had a great internship experience there.

While I had a great time at my internship I did have some challenges to overcome. One of them was the outdated Adobe programs. Because the programs were older versions it was difficult to find certain tools. I had to completely search through the program before I could find the desired tool. Hopefully soon the computers will be updated with more current versions of the programs.

While there were challenges I also gained new experiences while at my internship. One of them was taking on more of a leadership/guide role with clients. Usually every few weeks I would work with a new client. The clients would always bring interesting projects. They would come to me so I could help them with their projects. I would teach them the techniques that I learned over the years. Teaching someone else was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it.

My time spent at Women’s Press Collective was very memorable. The techniques I learned and the people I met will always be with me as I move forward.