Week 11

In a few weeks Women’s Press Collective will move to the Bronx. For the past couple of weeks me and my coworkers have been preparing for the move. Our office was full of old material and equipment that we needed to get rid of. There were many metal filing cabinets that we had to get rid of before the move. Fortunately there was a metal recycling plant not too far from the office. We loaded the filing cabinets in our van and drove to recycling plant to drop them off. This task was finished in two trips.

On another day we took inventory of some magazines in the office. Women’s Press Collective has a seasonal magazine that they put out called Collective Endeavor. It has articles about the many different community projects that they work on. All of the back issues were stored in boxes and separated by season and year. We had to label each box and take inventory of each one.

There was a day when I had to take inventory on all of the printers in the office. There weren’t that many of them so it didn’t take too long. Some of them were pretty old so I also had to plug them in and check if they still worked. 2 of them did, but the rest of them didn’t. The ones that didn’t work were sent to a place that recycles old office equipment.