Gaming poster

My game idea is about the protagonist (a rogue survivor in a apocalyptic world) finding love when he saves a girl from certain death. After saving her from numerous problems and enemies that are looking for her, there is a ‘Spark’ between the two characters. They eventually start to love each other. But the toll on saving the girl so many times is putting both of them at risk for death. Eventually, the protagonist has to lock her in a dimension where she will never get hurt, but there is 1 problem. The protagonist can’t come with her. So the main character gives her a memento to keep with him forever and they say their goodbye’s.

Logo/Banner Explanation

My online alias is by the name of Micexavier. I needed a logo of a mouse/mice because I thought it would fit. I found a WIP one and I edited it on photoshop so there’s two versions with a black and white version with some FX effects on them. I added a drop shadow and the background image is a image of space but I distorted it. The end result makes the background image look like a flower, which is fine by me. The golden “Micexavier” is to indicate the virility and quality work that I do. Also it looks cool.

Visually Enhanced Quote

I chose to edit the text color in this version of the quote because if it was white, you wouldn’t have seen the text. But I chose the background in this quote because I personally like skateboarding, and it is a very nice photo. The foreground is sharp but the background is blurry, which adds a cool and another layer to the photo that you wouldn’t get in real life. Again, I chose to put text “Behind” the skateboard because it adds a subtle but cool effect to the quote.

Visually Enhanced Quote

This quote by John Steinbeck in his book “Of Mice and Men” really stuck to me because when you capture the perfect moment, it is very beautiful and you will remember it for a long time and gaze at it’s beauty, but you can’t freeze time, that’ll only happen in videos (which I happen to make). As you can see in the background the shooting rocket and the beautiful lights to the left and right captures the perfect moment, in which the quote is talking about.

Welcome to my e-portfolio site

Hey! I am a very passionate student about marketing and film. I currently have a online job creating websites and it is very good for what I am learning and earning. I also draw a lot and i’ve grown tremendously since I started. I get to work on the computer (which I love doing) and I am learning and growing very fast (I can also work at home which is a HUGE plus). I also like playing competitive FPS (such as destiny). I take pride in my skills in Destiny because I am very good at it, and it helps me to grow as an artist and as a human being. That game has opened my mind and ways to handle sticky situations if they come about.

I personally believe I am a very fast learner and problem solver. I’ve been this way since I was little (mainly happening on fixing computers and restoring them to before the problem started). I am a very smart underachiever, and I procrastinate a lot, flaws in human capability that I can take care of but is still prevalent nonetheless. I am working towards getting my work and priorities done. My greatest weakness will probably be my procrastination problem. But just like any other person, I have my flaws: a double edged sword: Smart man but idiotic choices.


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