Hello world I’m “Kush”

It’s What The Post Say’s. So let me introduce myself….

My first name is “Kush”, and let me just say that it’s not what you think it means. It’s more deeper then that. but before I tell you what the meaning of my name means, I want to tell you what My name means in some countries:

In India, it means Happy or Happiness.  In Albania it’s a curse word. In America, it’s a popular Marijuana Plant. And in Africa, it’s a kingdom; which is what my name is and based off of. it’s a kingdom in africa from across the bridge of the river Nile to Egypt. Don’t Bother trying to look for it in a new global map because you’re not going to see the name, but it’s there in old ones. “Kush is not my whole entire name, it’s much more longer then that.. But I’m not going to post it because that just to much information as it is having t know somebody with a name like mine. Kush is good enough.

So Besides My Name. I just wanted show and tell about who I am and where I’m from in an artist perspective. I know that Talking about my Name is not Telling much, but for you and whoever is reading this is probably thinking ” this dude is in some deep S#!%”. And I’m in a neutral way…  But In this first post and to the point:

Evey thing is going to be about the good, the bad, and the ugly life experiences as being an artist. It will be about what I’m doing, going through, fighting, accomplishing, how I’m feeling, and etc.. Now I’m not going to be here everyday posting because i have to live my life in order for me share my thoughts and whats going on.. this post will be on my blog page as well as others in the future… And with that being said, I’ll see you later.


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