Medellin, Colombia Wins Another Award

This time Medellin is the winner of the biennial Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, which is given for the government of Singapore.   Another great price after being the  “City of the year” a contest sponsored by Citigroup, the Marketing Services Deparment of Wall street Journal and the Washington-based Urban Land Institute (Citigroup Inc, 2013).  After measuring certain criteria between 200 cities, Medellin was chosen as the most innovate in social programs and urban developments.
“Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize” on March 16, 2016. This prize recognized Medellin’s wonderful transformation over the last two decades.  This award was given for the city’s achievements and innovations in urban development.  In this case, Medellin was chosen among 38 cities through a rigorous selection process
(Lee Kuan Yew World City, 2016).


Medical tourism in Medellin Colombia

Medellin once a city reeking of drugs and violence, has improve its controversial image and undergone a massive social and economic transformation to become  darling for Latin American trade.

Medellin is  emerging as one of the best options when people are seeking quality and affordable medical options outside of the USA, Europe and other nations across the world.  I will focusing on Latin American people from USA  to make Medellin as a destination for their medical procedures.



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