Culmination Project

Kyiana Small

This project will be examining Black Women-Owned businesses and how they impact the community and the effects of Covid-19. In the American small business universe, 27% of small businesses are women, among African-American owned businesses, 35% are women. Not only does a small business create a unique and positive identity in their community, but it increases the environmental health, economic gain, increase the local tax base, and create local jobs. Earlier this year, New York City became the epicenter of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Black-owned businesses were almost twice as likely to close compared to white counterparts. Forty percent of Black-owned businesses are concentrated in just 30 counties, that is roughly one percent of all counties in the country. Of these counties, approximately two-thirds are among the areas with the highest level of COVID-19 cases. This project will also highlight the importance of recovery and the impact this has had on business and the community