Banner and Logo Design

The Banner relates to how there’s many path I can cross which is why there’s a bunch of diagonal lines and the emphasis of my name on the left represent me pushing through all the obstacle , for the logo I alway enjoy drawing and the pencil always become natural to me, the whole point of the logo is to ” all the piece of works and art are all done with a single pencil”

Field Trip Report

Last Week I saw a bunch of printing device in the printing facility in the UFT. One of them which is the Epson Stylus Pro 9800 which is a device which is used for large photos or graphic prints , another of the device for printing is Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C8000 which is used for digital color printing. There is also that one machine which printed logo onto a shirt which need to be heated up to the point the ink is flat out sticked into the shirt. Based on this trip I learn many things that I haven’t gone through in the printing facility in the UFT and hope to see more in the future.




Enhance Visual Quotes


The first quote design was a concept of the meaning gift. The present represent the gift of life which is stated in the quote. I emphasize the word gift as that is the most important word for the meaning of this quote. I want this quote to look clean and simple.

This variation of quote is more based on what the scenes in the Movie is portrayed by Jack Dawson (Leonardo de Caprio) and I got this concept because a lot of other movie quote follow the movie image and the capture of the quote. I want this one to be more sophisticated


I figured this is going to be a simple idea of a quote but this concept is what I want to emphasize with the letter size and the the leading to make the word flow. I choose the light blue color to represent the color of water that the titanic ship is cruising over.

My name is Kenny Siu

Name Tag

Hello My name is Kenny Siu. I am 20 year old, an Sophomore in City Tech. I am majoring in Communication Design. My hobbies are gaming and drawing sketches during my free time. I hope there are many thing I get to learn and enjoy more thing in Communication Design. It’s a pleasure for you to read this and I hope to become friend with you anytime sooner.


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