Week 10 Blog ( Internship Week 3 )

This week I had an rough conception idea on how to set the next couple of pages. But the focus I want to work on was the County by Borough content which I had a good idea to do on the website and that is to separate each borough in it own page but is accessible from one page to another. That way it feels comfortable to navigate each borough with just a single click. I also done the pages in a way where you need to know the inside information of the borough on the left side of the page while giving direction is on the right side of the page. Here an example of 3Ā  out of the 5 borough that was made with horizontal navigation.

Week 9 Blog ( Internship Week 2 )

Over the weeks I had overview the websites and worked on several pages for the re-design of the website.Ā  One of the important advice my supervisor who is Philip had helped me with a certain elements of the pages and that is to keep each of the navigation for important from the top to the bottom and make sure that any content that can’t be seen the first half of the page is priortize first on the horizontal menu as it makes it very easy to look up and down. Here are several of the pageĀ  I had worked on using that advice into the pages.

Week 8 Blog ( Internship )

This is my first week in the internship, theĀ  very first task they gave me for redesigning the website is to look over the old website for the NYC Family Court It looks very much outdated in term of the use of color and there were a bit “too much” information flowing around the website. The very first thing that comes to my mind was why is there so much information in the old website , the first thing I need to focus on was to streamline the information and see what elements need some major changes. The very first thing I worked on is the revision of the old home page to make it short andĀ  concise with the content provided by adding horizontal and vertical navigations to make it easier toward the eyes.

Second Networking Event

IAVĀ  Bootcamp 2

When I joined the IAV Bootcamp ,Ā  there were around 30+ people including me who learn alot about this networking event. The type of networking events seems to be an virtual lecture events to teach me and others the rope around how to obtain a job.The topic covered for this networking event as I able to attend the second bootcamp for Nov 2. There are important topic discuss on my second networking event. The topic ranging from what are the impression you need to show to the person hiring such as eye contact , and knowing the company as well as showed by the “know your audience , and slowing down and taking pauses.

There are also important points learned in Bootcamp 2Ā  which the host explains the 5 main points when looking for an company such as who are you , what sparked interest and what experience do you have, and etc. They show jobs that focus on sample entry level jobs in the digital media field and the position related into it. I figure out there is target company and contact list you can make to organize the position you want to apply for.

Overall , this networking teaches me alot of things that I can take and apply into actual jobs and internship. I was unfortunate to not be able to attended the first week of the bootcamp , but was able to learn alot fromĀ  this bootcamp




Webinar Blog

Webinar Video:

Advertising Production Club of NY: What has 2020 taught us about how we work?

This specific webinar is a pre-recorded webinar, as I could not attend the live webinar. The Webinar is interesting and I learn a lot of things such as how certain jobs they approached such as needing to have the experience from other field than the preferred experience job from can be beneficial to the company. For someone who had many background on a different field of design, I found that Marko Ben has experience with User Design and had been using his skill on the user perspective for his job rather than think about the design aspect, mostly.The workplace shift since the pandemic , therefore most workplace is taken remotely.Ā  The webinar host and guest also made input on what to look for into opportunity in the design job fields such as finding where you can look for job opportunity such as LinkedIn , or looking for agency in generalĀ  could help you in looking for a job. The relationship and oppurnity are to be taken of great importance which I took on hard advice.


Week 7 Blog

This specific blog week is important, as I had gotten a reply from Virginia Torres from the NYC Family Court regarding the position for Wed Design Intern. She reply by asking me if I am still interested in the position. I immediately replied right away asking for a phone call number as it’s really important I can reach her personally instead of calling on a random number I don’t know of. I called her and was told to wait for 10 minutes, which I did. I then got a call from her 10 minutes later and set up an appointment for an interview next Tuesday. I also had a conversation with my professor afterward, saying that I will notify Virginia about my availabilities on Monday and Thursday. Professor Goetz said to look up on their website and figure out an idea to improve on the website which I am planning the day before the interview to help with a wireframe on how the new website would look like.

Week 6 Blog

I was occupied with other course work but I was still applying for other job posting and still haven’t heard back , I still am apply for other job opportunities based on the website and resources that the professor provided for me on my one-on-one meeting, I did apply for other opportunity posted on the COMD internship coordinationĀ  website such as theĀ  Academy of Rome , The TheatreĀ  for Manhattan , CUNY Office of Communication and Marketing.Ā  Unfortuately I was unable to snap an image of me applying for the jobs but i sent several cover letter and my resume over time and hope they will reply in next weeks or so.

Week 5 Blog

This week all I had been doing was looking through job searches as I already had my resume and portfolio set up already. I send several applications to Handshake, Zip Recruiter for Design Internship position. I also made several cover letters for each specific job posting that I apply to. When I had a one-on-one meeting with a professor in Zoom and she wanted me to focus on the Family court web design internship which I applied around the week, I got a reply in a couple of hours from Virginia Torres from the Family Court letting me know shortly. At this week, I mostly send out application and still waiting for a reply which I still haven’t received at the current moment.

Week 4 Journal Blog

This week I had fix everything that was commented on on my resume and had the final version posted up and sent to my professor. I had also attended my networking event which I had posted on the internship tab on my e-portfolio on Openlab. The professor did mention beforehand that there isĀ  PDC which is the Professional Development Center in City Tech that can help your resume further into getting a job, and message me that there is an opening for a web design internship that is unpaid but can benefit me for my interest in UX Design. I took up on that offer and when I did see the job posting on theĀ  Coordination website I immediately applied with my resume and portfolio attached and am still awaiting a response, until then I am still job-hunting and hoping to look for more UX based internship jobs that available for an intern like me. I am also setting up another one-on-one meeting with Professor to check if I can get more opportunities for jobs that are close to UX Design.

Week 3 Journal Blog

I had not made any progress regarding Job Search as my professor did mention about the Brooklyn Yard internship; however, for me, I was unable to do so as I am still in the process of getting my resume and portfolio checked up by the professor.Ā  I did have another one-on-one meeting with the professor and had her checked up on the new website on Wix with the new template and she likes it and I kept it, for the next step it was to fix every major and minor issue with my resume.Ā  I was grateful for having the professor spot the error in my resume and comment on it. I had it done and fixed over time and clean up any unnecessary elements in my resume.



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