Week 14

The last week approaches and my hours are complete. My time at the WPC was an interesting and positive one, even when I was complaining about the moving. I learned several new things and they were not just design related.

I was able to see the power of a community. I thought since I lived in New York, the idea of helping someone or being chummy with each other was taboo to me. but it was a nice thing to experience. I was worried that the canvasing we did would only get us slammed doors and escorts to the exit but the people here seem genuinely friendly and even interested in helping people out. Human beings being human beings, who knew.

Even though my time with them as an intern is over, I still would like to help them and their endeavors sometime soon, doesn’t even have to be design related. WPC’s goals are something that really resonate with me and would be glad to offer any spare time  I have to assist them.

Week 7

Reaching the halfway point of the semester and still no luck. At this rate I will be forced to drop the class, an option that I really would like to avoid. On top of that there is a networking event assignment where we can either find or go to one of the suggested events and write about it. We also need to create a business card to pass to other people there to… network. Going to need to focus heavily on landing any internship at this rate.

Week 6

Finally got a response or two. Unfortunately they were not interested which means my search continues. This just means I need to search harder if I really want find an internship and pass the class. Also now researching and finding about these networking events and what usually goes on. Lastly resume has been cleaned up a bit but little progress has been made.

Week 5

No responses, not even rejection emails. A bit disheartening but I still need to find an internship if I want to pass this class. Only thing to do now is continue applying to internships. Resume and cover letter still need some cleaning up.

Week 4

Made a bigger effort into finding some sort of internship online via online job search. Unfortunately I applied using a word document resume rather than a resume made in InDesign. I still feel that my design needs a lot of work and I’d rather send a simple if dull word doc. resume rather than a mess of an Indesign resume. Up next is a cover letter that needs to be designed in a similar fashion to the resume. I always assumed cover letters were a bit old fashioned and unnecessary since that’s another paper a potential employer has to look through among hundreds of others. Regardless, it’s part of the class and I’ll get it done. Let’s hope I’ll get a response from one of the places I applied.

Week 3

No luck find internship work this week. Was mostly concentrating on how to revamp my outdated resume based on the criteria listed by the professor. Biggest issue I see when creating this is that I have no work experience in the design field. I doubt my experience as a lowly cashier or even at the post office can be seen as useful information to get a person interested in hiring me. Only time will tell how this resume will get.

Week 2

Class: We brought in our resumes and needless to say, we all could use some improvement. We were given critiques and suggestions on what we could do to improve and have a presentable resume. Time to abandon the old word doc. resumes in favor of something that reflects my work as a designer. But, what too put on it? Turns out there are numerous different things you can put on a resume. Doesn’t help that different professors have different opinions on what should and shouldn’t go on a resume. Let’s hope whatever I come up with is acceptable.

Week 13

11-24-17 The Thanksgiving break has renewed my ability to work. After the hell that box lifting I needed a break, Anyways were back to the index cards but this time were writing down they will be getting a holiday card and a “We’ve moved letter”. A different variation of the usual work but it’s a nice change of pace.

11-25-17 Early morning was more of the same work as yesterday but after so many weeks of boxes I got a chance to do some graphic design stuff! What an opportunity! Another volunteer and I met with a client that has been visiting here about every 2 weeks. His name is a Akeem, and he wants to create a book filled with poems about life on the street. Another volunteer has worked hard with him on this and I only wish to do the same. Akeem’s poems have more of a rap influence than the standard poem stuff I know but there’s something a bit more genuine and interesting. I probably shouldn’t be assuming things but the poems seem to be about certain aspects of his life which really sells the rhymes and themes of the poems. While they may seem a bit controversial, I believe he’s speaking from the heart and that already separates him from the several hundred other writers in the world. The day was mostly spent doing some small spelling errors and text placement in In Design to make sure the lines flowed as well as his rhymes. We also made sure that the text and title matched the other previous work that’s been done to ensure consistent placement. (Thank you master pages) Lastly, we attempted to similar designs that were laid on by another volunteer and searched images that we can use to bring into Photoshop. Overall a fantastic day for design work, just wish I got more of it.

Week 12

11-13-17- A lot of packing has been done at this point and by some miracle there wasn’t much packing going on. Maybe it was because I like the only one there but I digress. Anyways, The film event is today and we’re doing phone calls to confirm that the people are going. At this point I’ll take phoning duties over moving stuff so no complaints here. Most of the day passes by quick and after lunch we head to the conference room for a bit of practice for the film event. They started with general introductions, their organization and their message about cooperate media which transitioned to a film screening. We watched a bit of a film documentary that they were using and were asked to ask questions as if we were the audience. A few questions were asked by me and another volunteer and I feel that we got adequate answers. Not sure if the audience at the screening will ask similar questions since the people they invited were people journalists and other people that were informed about the dilemma but I’m glad we were able to help.

11-17-17- This day was truly a long one. The majority of the day was moving old boxes filled with their magazines and putting them in less obstructive places. Those boxes are heavy! Years worth of volumes inside these old dusty, and even damaged boxes. Really do not like breaking a sweat in work. In fact, the whole point of going to college with a graphic design degree was to avoid this sort of work. At least I had a few volunteers share in my torment. Really starting to get a hatred for boxes now. Exaggerations aside, it was a productive day.