PHYS 1433 Downloadable PDF Syllabus

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PHYS 1433 – General Physics I: Algebra Based 

Professor: Darya Krym


You may feel free to email me with questions about class material any time. You can expect an answer within 24 hours.

My office hours will be 
Mon. 5:25-5:55pm in N-722
Wed 3:45-4:15pm in N-804 OR N-800 (They are right across the hall from each other.)
You can also feel free to ask me questions after class.
And you can email me for an appointment if none of these times work for you.

Course Description  (General description of the course)

Grading (Grading policy and other administrative details)

Resources (The textbook and other references)

Homework (Homework assignments and weekly topic schedule)