Our textbook:

OpenStax, College Physics. OpenStax CNX. Jan 2019

This textbook is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Note that some of you might like to have a paper copy of the book. While you won’t be able to print the entire book at once using your college printing allotment. You should be able to  print each chapter as we start working on it. You are allowed 30 pages per day in each of the printing facilities in the library, G600, and the Voorhees computer lab, adding up to a total of 90 pages per day. I suggest you try it and see if you find the printed copy easier to work with.

A collection of physics simulations: Apps on Physics by Walter Fendt
(These are apps that allow you to visualize the interactions of the variables in our simple mathematical models of physical phenomena. I will point out particularly relevant simulations during the semester, but I encourage you to take a look on your own. It’s kind of fun to see.)

An online encyclopedia and calculation tool:
Wolfram Alpha
(This is an online version of a very powerful calculation program, Mathematica. You can use it to solve equations, do algebraic manipulations, make graphs, etc… It also contains a pretty good set of reference pages for physics and mathematics concepts. Of course, wikipedia is great too.)

You may feel free to email me, the professor for this course, with questions about class material any time. You can expect an answer within 24 hours.
I am Prof. Krym and the address is

My office hours will be 

Mon. 5:25-5:55pm in N-722
Wed 3:45-4:15pm in N-804 OR N-800 (They are right across the hall from each other.)
You can also feel free to ask me questions after class.
And you can email me for an appointment if none of these times work for you.