As absurd and embarassing as this sounds, I’ve never had a dumpling. I know what you’ll say have I been living under a rock or whats wrong with me. But I personally never found them to look or smell appealing. I was convinced by a friend to try these dumplings that would change my mind forever. He was right that it would change my mind. We tried the chicken and vegetable dumpling (mandu). I almost bailed out again because the appearance and smell but he forced me to try it and i did not regret it. The texture of the dumpling was soft and smooth without much flavor but the actual chicken or vegetables that were in the dumpling were packed with flavor. The chicken dumpling was very spicy but delicious with them using different types of spices from what i was use to. Also the vegetable dumpling barely tasted like vegetables at all. Which is good for me because it had creamy like texture. The results of this dumpling tasting now means that i often take weekly trips to china town to find these dumplings!

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