Coquito Cupcake

Coquito is not something new to me. Every year being that my fathers side of the family is Puerto Rican we have this drink at our  Christmas eve party . I saw on my Instagram a local  custom cakery and sweet shop called The Best Goodie Bag was having a happy hour on all there cupcake and cookies so I stopped by. I picked up a few different kind of cupcakes and cookies. They offered a bunch of classic cupcake flavors and some spunky ones as well. The cupcake that stood out to the most was the Coquito cupcake. The cupcake itself was a light and airy cinnamon cupcake with the coquito soaked into the cake with a sweet whipped cream frosting dusted with some spices that are usually inside a classic coquito drink. To put the icing on top of the cake the cupcake came with a little shot of coquito. This cupcake was everything that I expected a cup of coquito to taste like. I’m definitely bringing this to my families Christmas eve party this year



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