Please read the following prior to writing your Industry analysis paper.  The articles are in chronological order so keep in mind what was written when.  Keep in mind that information gets updated through time so assume the latest information is correct.

“Chipotle temporarily closes 43 units after E. coli outbreak” (NRN, 11/2/15)

“Analysis: E. coli outbreak is latest in very bad year for Chipotle” (NRN, 11/4/15)

“Analysts mixed on impact of Chipotle E. coli outbreak” (NRN, 11/24/15)

“Chipotle to tighten food safety standards for produce” (NRN, 3/12/15)

“C.D.C. Ends Chipotle Case With Illness Still a Mystery” (NYT, 2/1/16)

“Chipotle companywide meeting to mark a new era” (NRN, 2/5/16)

“Chipotle Meeting Outlines Food Safety to Workers and Message for Public” (NYT, 2/9/16)

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