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Rehman Chaudhary’s Smorgasburg Blog


Smorgasburg is a open market event, which takes place in different part of the cities mostly on weekends. In the event many food vendors takes part in it and show their food expertise. Smorgasburg event mostly serves thousands of visitor’s on weekends. It’s a large scale market event.

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I visited this event on 17 April, 2016. I was astonished by the scale of the event itself and the options I had to choose from. I walked around for some time trying to explore more of the area. People who were serving were energetic and confident and that’s a good thing. What made it more attractive and fun was the location and weather itself.


I smelled BBQ, I looked around and there I saw one of the vendor’s Carnal were selling BBQ smoked short ribs which costed around $12 dollars. I think it was a bit pricey. There was a line I had to wait for my turn, it didn’t took that long. They prepared it very nicely and that BBQ smell was so catchy though. I was not sure if it worth the money I just invested on it but the first bite changed my opinion. Now I also wanted to try at least one more thing and was really curious for next surprise.

“A recipe has no soul, as a cook you must bring the soul to the recipe” – Thomas Keller

Now I understood the meaning of this quote I read the other day.


I always heard of people talking about taco’s but I never tried it before. I know it’s weird. That moment of glory was right in front of me when I saw Takumi Taco Stand. Again, I had to wait for my turn but I knew that I will get my first taco today. I was not worried about the cost this time, it costed around $5-6 dollars which made me extra happy. After having the first bite with my Pepsi soda, I don’t know if it’s a right combination. I had the same feeling like Neil Armstrong had when he took the first step on the moon. Taco overall was really good and I like the taste and the combination.

I think overall Smorgasburg event really worth a try and the atmosphere is always so welcoming and energetic.

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art”

Thank you for reading my blog.


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On Sunday April 17,2016 I took a trip to Smorgasburg ,in Prospect Park with my classmate. The experience was actually interesting because I never actually eat from stands. I always worried about how they wash their hands and keep the bugs away from the food. I honestly didn’t really like it because of the amount of people that was around. The line for each stand was really long.    Many things were very expensive that could’ve been cheaper. For example, I brought a bottle of water that I paid two dollars for. When in reality I could get it for a dollar or fifty cents.


First thing I tried was the Mozzarella sticks. The price I felt was just about right, only ten dollars. The ten dollars was actually worth it. The line was not so long and it was not so much of a long wait. I actually enjoyed them the cheese was great and the sauce was perfect. Mozzarella sticks are actually one of my favorite and these taste way better than the one I usually eat from the Chicken spot.

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Then, I tried a burger, from Might Quinn’s. It was 10 dollars for the big burger and you could do half and half, beef or pork. They also had mini burgers for 5 dollars. Honestly it was the worse burger I have ever tasted. I didn’t like it at all. I believe it didn’t want me to eat it from the beginning because when I was sitting to eat. My hamburger bun fell so I had to go and ask for another one. I believe the meat needed more flavor and seasoning to it. The sauce was actually good and the toppings was alright. The line was actually really long for this one and it was not worth it at all.


Also, I tried a cranberry-limeaid in Bon Chovie. I actually liked this drink, it was very refreshing. They were 4 dollars for like a medium size cup. I never actually tried fresh cranberries before and had the opportunity to in my drink. The cranberry was nasty but the it was good in the drink. The drink was not too watery or too sugary, it was just right. It is the perfect drink for a very long hot day.

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Lastly, I tried Gooey Butter cakes with these #sweetboys. It was actually good and for a pretty decent deal. The guys were very nice and sweet. They were 3 for 5 and they told us we were not going to regret buying it which actually made us buy the cakes. They actually taste like the pound cake you could buy in the supermarket which was actually not bad.

Overall, the trip was actually pretty decent. I didn’t really like that there was so many people. Not only that, there was plenty of dogs around and mother’s with strollers. I kept tripping over the strollers and afraid of the dogs. I saw plenty of hipsters around. I wanted to try a couple of other stands but I ended up being full. Not only that, the lines were ridiculous and I just didn’t want to wait forever.

Sunday Funday at Smorgasburg

On Sunday April 17th, I visited a Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. I’ve heard of it before but this was my first time going to experience it for myself. Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn flea food market where local and regional food vendors come to sell a small portion of their menu items to the public. I was able to try a few items from some of the vendors like Mighty Quinn’s, Big Mozz, and Gooey and Co.


The market was so crowded, and the lines were long. There were a lot of families and pets I noticed. My first stop was Mighty Quinn’s, which was serving slow cooked barbecue sandwiches. I visited the restaurant itself in the past and knew they served good barbecue so I was excited to try it again. I ordered a half and half sandwich with pork and beef which cost me $10. To my surprise it wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be. The next place I stopped by was called Big Mozz, I had four large mozzarella sticks for $10, and they were delicious. Two of them were enough for me because of the size.

The last vendor I checked out was serving desserts, Gooey & Co.  There menu was pretty small and offered only one type of dessert just different flavors of it. I ordered three different small gooey cakes. For some reason all three tasted the same to me. The price wasn’t that bad I paid $5 for three small bite size cakes. After that I walked around and looked at a few other vendors. There were so many different foods and most of them looked good. Some vendors were a bit more popular than others as the lines were really long.  Overall it was a great experience and I am happy that I went. I got to try some some good food and now I look forward to visiting again.


Brooklyn Smorgasburg

I’ve visited Brooklyn Smorgasburg in April 16, 2016. I was glad to see such a conglomeration of people because It gave me the opportunity to assure one more time that Brooklyners love the process of eating delicious food. This thought followed me to the possibility of the opening any business associated with food, especially if your idea of any unusual and urgent. As a vivid example, let’s talk about candy Diego’s Chocolate Hand-crafted Mayan chocolate from Guatemala with 6 flavors for $30 that I bought. I have never tasted anything like it before. Taste made me think, there are many things in the world that seem unknown to me. Even though, I feel like I’m already bored of those sweat flavors nowadays because I eat something sweet everyday, these kind of candies brought me back into the world of sweet bliss.

Let me start from the beginning, that day the weather was surprisingly good. My spirits rose immediately as soon as I arrived there, because the abundance of smiles gave me hope to look for the happiness. There was a sense that people were happy to see the day and each other.

I would like to share to you how I tried a new beverage that I’ve never tasted before, Blatskpepper Pineapple Ginger. Unfortunately I did not like it at all. That happened maybe because my phone dropped into the cup at that moment when I was trying to answer the call. I got a large cup for $ 6. If we talk about the price, I believe it’s not cheap, such as, one Oyster pay you $ 3 a dozen, you pay something around $30.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the organizers of this event. I got a great pleasure having been there, because I’m interested in everything that’s connected to food and tasty meal. Thank You All for organizing such amazing events!

Smorgasburg Reaction Blog

On Saturday April 16, 2016, I went to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. I went in thinking that it was not going to be a memorable experience because I was going to complete a school assignment. To my surprise, it was such a great experience and I would definitely go again sometime soon.

I arrived to Smorgasburg at 10:45 AM and noticed that the first people who were on the line were people from the neighborhood. I overheard a conversation and found out that all the local people go early because the tourists arrive around 12 PM and make it crowded. At exactly 11, the gates opened and the first thing I went to try was a passion fruit donut from Dough. There was no line and for only $3.50, I got a huge donut that was soft, fresh and covered with passion fruit glaze. I enjoyed it more because I skipped breakfast that morning. At around 12, the tourists started to arrive and it was impossible to comfortably walk around. At that point, I decided to try the Dutch fries from Home Frite, mozzarella sticks from Big Mozz, and a philly cheese steak from Fedoroff’s South Philly Cheesesteaks. I loved the Dutch fries because they were $8 and it was extremely large. The seasoning of the fries along with the sauces and onions on top really complemented each other. The mozzarella sticks were $10 and were definitely worth because the cheese tasted so fresh and the tomato sauce was a lot more flavorful than those in the supermarket. What I didn’t enjoy was the philly cheese steak because they gave you a third of a hero and it was covered in cheese and without much steak. What made me dislike it more was that it cost 7$.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience because most of the food I tried was actually delicious. Since I arrived early, there weren’t that many people and that made it a better experience. I would definitely go again but I would bring friends along so they could have a great time too.

Smorgasburg Reaction Blog

I went to Williamsburg last Saturday with a friend to check out their Smorgasburg event and the food offerings available with different vendors there. The place was crowded with mostly young couples, families, and groups of friends in attendance, and lines were long in front of most food trucks.

The first thing I got was the Elote, a popular street food in Mexico. It was a grilled corn with butter and a little bit of the spicy seasoning on it. I saw it on a TV show before so that was the reason I wanted to try it. It costed $4 but I was disappointed by the taste; it was nothing more than a regular corn and my expectation was a lot higher based on what I saw on TV.Elote & mango

The last thing I bought in the Smorgasburg was the Yaki-Ika. It was a grilled squid from Aomori, Japan. It caught my eyes when I first walked around the market because it looked very nice on the grill. I love squid, so I waited despite the long line and the high price of $13 per portion. I thought they would give me the one straight from the grill, but they gave me one that was prepared ahead of time. It did not taste fresh and juicy like what I had expected because it was not straight from the grill. Also, the Yaki-Ika vendor was rude and customer service was non-existent. Maybe they were just too busy or they simply did not care about customer service. I felt very disappointed as a result. The same vendor also sold Yakisoba, a Japanese fried noodles that could be topped with pork, shrimp, or fried egg. It costed less than $10 per portion, with extra charges for additional toppings. During the Smorgasburg, the ramen burger was seemed as the most unusual food on offer. I was tempted to try it, but was hold back by the long line and the uncertainties as to its taste. There were also some vendors selling different kinds of strange burgers and pastries which I was not willing to try because they were simply too exotic.Squidyakiika

It was a great experience in the Williamsburg. With more than 100 different kinds of food choices in that market, it was definitely a good place for foodies or hospitality major students.

Smorgasburg Blog

On Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 10. I went both Williamsburg and Prospect Park. I had never heard of a Smorgasburg before so I went with an open mind. Since I had gone later in the day both places were already very packed.

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There were some places I avoided because of the prices, for example ‘Ramen Burger’. My first trip, I had avoided it because one burger is $10 and there was always a long line. Eventually I did try it and it was not what I expected. It was good but I don’t think I even tasted the actual burger due to the overpowering flavor of Teriyaki.

Displaying 20160402_160829.jpg  Displaying 20160410_155525.jpg

Both trips, my overall favorite was the Honey whiskey cake by ‘The Brooklyn baking barons’. It tastes like rum ice cream but a bit stronger. A close second was my ice cream sandwich from the Good Batch’. It may have been the best ice cream sandwich I’ve had in a long time. It was rice crispy with vanilla ice cream and caramel.

Displaying 20160410_154927.jpg  Displaying 20160410_162359.jpg  Displaying 20160410_162427.jpg

I also enjoyed ‘Dough’. The stand sold huge donuts for a fair price of $3.50. I had a toasted coconut donut while my friends had a Hibiscus and a cinnamon sugar donut.

Displaying 20160410_150717.jpg    Displaying 20160410_150755.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot more than I expected to, even though I had came after work with a huge crowd. I will definitely come back over the summer.

Smorgasburg Blog

On April 16, 2016 I visited Smorgasburg around Williamsburg at 12 pm. The event started at 11 am but since I underestimated the amount of people attending, I arrived late. By the time I arrived in front of the gates, the place was filled with a roaring crowd ready to eat. It was astonishing, there wasn’t even a small amount of space to stand around to admire the food stands. I was browsing around and notice the vast quantity of menu platter. I was surprise at the foods being served. Some of them I never even tried in my life before, and the curiosity was eating me alive. So, I wonder around as far as I could and try to find the foods that attracted me more.

As I was trying to get past the crowd of people lining up for other stands, I notice one that caught my eyes. The stand was called “home frite” and I was curious to see what they had to offer. I decided to get their “Dutch fries” and it was magnificent. For only $8, the amount of fries you get is enough to fill you up for the rest of the day. The sauce that they used to flavor the fries with the onions on top, was an excellent combo of flavor. When I finish eating the “Dutch fries” I moved on to the next stand that attracted me. The “Ramen Burger.” Just hearing the words Ramen and Burger put together really shot my curiosity to the next level. Just seeing the line convinced me on how much people would do just to try something they never heard of or did. I was finally able to get my hands on a “Ramen Burger” for $10 a burger. The flavor was not as I hope for, but nonetheless it was something to experience. I started to feel stuff from just going to two stands. So, I decided to get a dessert platter. I decided to get a banana pudding cup for just $4 dollars, well depending on how much scoop you ask for.

I wanted to try everything in Smorgasburg, but there was a limit to my funding. The type of people that attended the event were mostly hipsters and tourist. If people ask me if I was to go again, I reply yes without a second thought. Smorgasburg was a great experience for me, and I highly suggest people to go and visit the event when they can. I bet you won’t regret going.

Smorgasburg Blog

On Sunday April 16th 2016 I attended the Smorgasburg located in Williamsburg, River State Park. I arrived around 120160416_1149401:30 to try an
d avoid the big crowds and when I got there to my surprise, t
here was still quite a lot of people. The first thing I did was walk around and look at all the stands to see what they had to offer.

20160416_120658My first choice of food was tacos of course because I love tacos. There were three tacos at the Smorgasburg but I ended up choosing Oaxaca Taquería because it was the cheapest. It had tacos that cost $4 each while the other two cost about $8 or $9. They had about three or four different types of tacos to offer and also had taco pizzas. I wasn’t sure how it would taste and was kind of nervous so20160416_122633 I just had the Carnitas tac
os from there and they were so delicious! The taco had pork, red onion, cilantro, avocado salsa and another sauce I couldn’t really distinguish but it all went well together and I would recommend to try the tacos from here.

The next I had20160416_122121 from the Smorgasburg were these mini burgers from Mighty Quinn. There was a line here but it went by pretty quickly and took no more than 5 minutes maybe. The burgers cost $5 for a small one and about $10 for a big one. I thought this was pretty pricey for a small burger but when I took the first bite it was definitely worth it. They had two options which were brisket and pulled pork. I decided to get the pulled pork and they topped it with barbecue sauce and a topping of my choice, which was Cole slaw. Everything from this was delicious from the meat to the bun to the Cole slaw. The burger was so good I even went back for seconds before I left.

I was quite thirsty after this so I stopped by Excell’s Kingston Eatery. I had a coconut that cost about $5 which was very refreshing and their lemonade that was also delicious but a little too sweet.
The next thing I had to try was a corn on the cob from Bisska’s. I personally was not a big fan of corn on a cob before eating from them but that changed. The corn was grilled right in front of you and I choose to add mayonnaise and paprika. The mayonnaise and paprika gave the corn a slight sweet taste and was very delicious. Next time I have corn on a cob I’ll be sure to add mayonnaise and paprika.

It was around 2:00 now and the Smorgasburg had gotten really crowded to the point 20160416_124946where you couldn’t even walk freely. I still wanted to try one last thing before leaving so I went to Dough and had a Café Au Lait doughnut from them. I wasn’t sure what that meant but it looked very tasty. When I tried it, it reminded me of a coffee cake with a sweeter taste. It was in fact very delicious, but I was so full at this point that I had to save it for later.

After buying my doughnut I decided it was time to go home. I was kind of disappointed that I did not get to try out the h
and cut fries or Big Mozz pizza becaus20160416_132201e the lines were way too long at this point and I did not want to spend any more money. My overall experience at my first Smorgasburg was really great and I definitely plan on going back.

Smorgasburg in Prospect Park

IMG_0247On Sunday April 10th, I went to Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. I have never been to a Smorgasburg, so I didn’t know what to expect. The market opened at 11 and to my surprise when I got there around 11:30, it was not that crowded. There were a lot of people, but you were still able to comfortably walk around and see all the different vendors. The venue itself was set up in a circle. The vendors were set up in two circular patterns surrounding a middle area with picnic tables and benches people could sit on. I thought this was really smart because it gave people a chance to see everything before deciding on what they wanted.IMG_0244

The first thing I tried when I got there was a passion fruit and coca nib donut from Dough. I was IMG_0245a little skeptical about a passion fruit donut, but the pale yellow glaze intrigued me. Although
the donut was $3.50, it was huge and very worth it. It wasn’t the average donut I would get from Dunkin Donuts, which I was very glad about. Just by looking at it I could see how fresh and light they were. The donut smelt amazing and when I bit into it, it tasted even better. The passion fruit was intense when it first hit my tongue, but once I got to the dough and the coca nibs it all balanced out to be a really delicious summer treat.IMG_0251

IMG_0252I also tried hand cut fries from Home Fright. I saw so many people walking around with the triangular container and since the line was short I decided to try them. For only $8.00 I got a huge container of hot, freshly fried French fries and a sauce of my choice. I chose the originally seasoned fries with Chipotle ranch dipping sauce. When I got them they were still hot from the fryer, but they were not greasy at all. The fries themselves had a slight crisp on the outside and were super tender on the inside.  $8.00 might seem pricey for just French fries, but they were worth every penny.

I was only there for a few hours, but I wish I had tried the mozzarella sticks from Big Mozz. I was so tempted but I was already full. They didn’t have any signage, so I don’t know how much they cost but they looked really good. It looked like you got four or five huge crispy mozzarella sticks. They seemed popular because they always had a long line, so I know when I go back that is the first place I am going to go.

Overall I enjoyed by first experience of a market like this. The vendors managed to keep the lines organized and moving quickly. Also even though there were a lot of people, the way the vendors were set up made me feel like I had room to walk and enjoy the area. They had a wide variety of products and nothing seemed over-priced. They had food that ranged from desserts to eggplant parmesan sandwiches and all different ethnicities such as Italian, Spanish, and even Mexican inspired Japanese. I think this is a great way to learn about different kinds of food and different ways of preparing food. I will defiantly be making a trip back soon