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Rehman Chaudhary’s Chelsea Market


      Chelsea market established in a old historic building located in Manhattan near hudson river at 75st & 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011. Chelsea market building is a food hall, shopping market, office building and television production. This kind of combination makes it unique and we decided to visit this historic place which is still as alive as it was in past.

 It was going to be a field trip but for me it was more than that. I had a lot of questions in mind, I wondered if everything I heard or read is correct about Chelsea? How they manage such vast place? Do vendors and other businesses get the business or traffic they expect in such a busy city? Does it have those memories still preserved which will literally take you back in time? etc.

12bfdaf866f2825c267c95640956d45b  We had to meet at Chelsea at sharp 9 am, I was there at 7 am so I can just walk around the place. When I entered the building I saw a tiny shop. I bought a red bull and a cookie. Which costed me around $6.50, I compared those prices to Brooklyn where I live they were around 25% higher. I understood that it was bit costly because of the location.


I started walking around and noticed how many people are entering in the building, It felt like time square to me even at 7 am in a market!. This made me sure about the fact businesses do get a lot of traffic here. At 9 am I met my crew and then we started our official visit.

We then visited some meat shops, other grocery stores and etc. I also noticed that people who are part of this amazing place are so hospitable and professional. They were not just anyone you meet in a store. They provided us with some details about, How they do their job and answered all of our questions.




Then we went to the Chelsea market highline, It is one of the most famous hotspot’s in Manhattan. It’s a long walk and it worths it. You can see most famous places from there in Manhattan. They were still renovating the highline to make it more attractive for visitors. After we finished the visit, I promised my self that I will visit this place again.3692427372_0f596c0f45_b








Thank You for taking the time to read – Rehman Chaudhary

Chelsea Market Trip

Chelsea Market is a famous historical place in New York City. It began in 1890s. It is a big building and inside of the structure designs are creative and pretty. The Chelsea Market is not only popular among the New Yorkers, but also attracts the tourists.

In the Chelsea Market, you can meet numerous kinds of the small restaurants, and it provides great retailers for shopping. The three interesting places I went in the market are DICKSONs, The Lobster Place, and a Veggie store. DICKSONs is a meat market which sells beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. Their meats are all coming from New York Upstate, and the animals are free ranging. They also make hot dogs and sandwiches by using the meats they sell. The Lobster Place is a seafood market. I saw so many new seafood there, such as Bottarga andCrab Cakes. Their seafood products are coming from different states in the U.S. and other countries as well, so there will be variant prices. They explain the cooking methods in a card for each raw item to the customers. This market also serves soups and cooked lobsters. I bought a small cup of lobster bisque and a shrimp salad before I left the market and they tasted delicious. It’s a wonderful place for seafood fans. The last one is a vegetable store. It has a variety of the vegetables for you to choose. I found Kiwiberry and Rhubarb in the store which I have never seen before. It was an amazing experience in the Chelsea Market. I will definitely go back again


To the Chelsea Market we go!…

Last week Thursday I went on a field trip with my fellow classmates to the Chelsea Market, located in the Meat Packing district. Although I wasn’t that excited to go originally because I had just went that Tuesday before, this time around was different I felt it was more interactive being that the stores were actually open. We first visited Dickson’s Meats, a hipster butcher shop where we was greeted by one of the butchers who gave us some a brief overview how the operation runs. He explained where the meat comes from and how they butcher it once at the shop. He also showed us some different cuts of meats.

After the butcher shop informative visit, we went on scavenger hunt throughout the market in search of food items that we were unfamiliar with, and to make some note of it. Me and my partner went inside the Lobster Place, which is a seafood market. I am a huge seafood lover and pretty much eat almost all types of fish but there were some that I had not only ever tried but also never heard of before like Tako, which is Octopus sushi. It looked pretty cool, would like to try it one day. There was also so many types of oysters that I never seen as well.  Stopped by the fresh produce store as well, they had a good variety of fruits and veggies.

Overall, I would say the trip was good and I am glad I went. I now know more about the Chelsea Market than I did and would definitely visit some time again.


My Experience at Chelsea Market by: Jessica Abate

Before our trips on Tuesday and Thursday I had never been to the Chelsea Market, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t know the market was indoors and when I found out it was disappointing at first, but once I got there I was no longer disappointed. I loved that all the little shops were indoors and I liked the “train-car style” the shops were set up in. I found it was easier to navigate with that kind of a set up.

Once inside, I was very impressed with the variety of stores they had. They managed to get a
wide variety of types of foods and types of cultural foods. My favorite store we visited was Bon Italia. This is probably because those ingredients are the most familiar to me. It was amazing to see them offer so many varieties of olive oil and fresh pastas. I appreciated everything being imported or handmade because it made the products seem more authentic and worth the money.

While on the scavenger hunt, I found many ingredients I knew, such as thyme, oregano, and

Baby Boc

Baby Boc

risotto mix, but I also found some I wasn’t familiar with, such as baby boc, citric acid, and frog’s legs. In the fresh produce store I found red escarole. I have cooked green escarole before, but never red. I didn’t even know escarole came in other colors beside green. When
I got home I looked it up and found out it is just a wild form of escarole. Although it was first cultivated in France, it is considered an Italian vegetable. Red escarole tastes and is prepared just like green escarole. It can be put in a salad, in soup, or cooked as a side dish.

Red Escarole

Red Escarole

Chelsea Reaction Blog

Hello everyone its Alison, on March 31 I got to visit the Chelsea Market with my class mates.  It was my second time in the Chelsea neighborhood, but this visit was more active and hands on.

Around 9:10AM, our class enters Dicksons Farmstand Meats, to my surprise the store did not reek of uncomfortable meet smell.  The meat they carry was beef, pork, lamb and chicken but to my surprise there was a wide variety of products from different kinds of cut raw meat to seasoned ready to eat meat.

Then at 9:30AM Professor Krondl sends the class on a scavenger hunt in groups of two.  My partner Rachel and I went to The Lobster Place, they had frozen food, ready to cook and ready to eat food.  Not only did they have different types of local fish and local shell fish they also have imported ones.  It was interesting for me to learn about bottarga, which were dried egg sack from female of fish.

In the Chelsea Market Basket there were so many things I never heard of and saw before.  For vegetables it was purple carrots, French carrots, baby yellow carrots, baby white carrots, purple ninja radish and rhubarb.  For fruits it was kiwiberry, palmito, and goldenberry.  I enjoyed this field trip, I thought it was fun and interesting that we got to explore, look, and learn about things we don’t know about and then share our thoughts and information with the class.

Dicksons Farmstand Meats







The Lobster Place






Chelsea Market Basket





Spices and Tease


Field Trip Extra Credit Post!


The educational trip to Chelsea Market began at Dickson’s Farmstead Meats. The store featured the typical beef, pork, and lamb variety for sale. The Butcher there explained how the meats are handled once it arrives in the store and the different use of each part of the meat. When asked if his meats are USDA approved, he informed us that as third party distributors, the meats are and MUST be USDA approved or else they would not be able to sell them.

After the short meat lesson, we began to wander the market in search of things we did not know how to prepare or things we never encountered before. Being someone that rarely steps into the kitchen, everything in the market could’ve been photographed, however, I decided to pick Tako which was found in The Lobster Place. As an Asian, I know that Tako is the name of octopus in Japanese. Yet the only way I’ve eaten the chewy sea meat was in little doughy balls called Takoyaki. So as we pass by the market, Prof Krondle shed another natural means of consumption when he picked up the prepackaged version. In smaller slices, it was able to be consumed in the raw fashion with sauce or a la carte.

Finally the day ended with a trip to Buonitalia, home to variety of pasta and Italian rock and roll. It was just amazing to see the different kinds of pasta that isn’t usually provided at the big supermarkets like Target, Walbaums, and BJS. Even though up till now I do not know when to use which, at least from this trip I learned just how big the food world is out there.