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Rehman Chaudhary’s Chelsea Market


      Chelsea market established in a old historic building located in Manhattan near hudson river at 75st & 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011. Chelsea market building is a food hall, shopping market, office building and television production. This kind of combination makes it unique and we decided to visit this historic place which is still as alive as it was in past.

 It was going to be a field trip but for me it was more than that. I had a lot of questions in mind, I wondered if everything I heard or read is correct about Chelsea? How they manage such vast place? Do vendors and other businesses get the business or traffic they expect in such a busy city? Does it have those memories still preserved which will literally take you back in time? etc.

12bfdaf866f2825c267c95640956d45b  We had to meet at Chelsea at sharp 9 am, I was there at 7 am so I can just walk around the place. When I entered the building I saw a tiny shop. I bought a red bull and a cookie. Which costed me around $6.50, I compared those prices to Brooklyn where I live they were around 25% higher. I understood that it was bit costly because of the location.


I started walking around and noticed how many people are entering in the building, It felt like time square to me even at 7 am in a market!. This made me sure about the fact businesses do get a lot of traffic here. At 9 am I met my crew and then we started our official visit.

We then visited some meat shops, other grocery stores and etc. I also noticed that people who are part of this amazing place are so hospitable and professional. They were not just anyone you meet in a store. They provided us with some details about, How they do their job and answered all of our questions.




Then we went to the Chelsea market highline, It is one of the most famous hotspot’s in Manhattan. It’s a long walk and it worths it. You can see most famous places from there in Manhattan. They were still renovating the highline to make it more attractive for visitors. After we finished the visit, I promised my self that I will visit this place again.3692427372_0f596c0f45_b








Thank You for taking the time to read – Rehman Chaudhary

Rehman Chaudhary’s Smorgasburg Blog


Smorgasburg is a open market event, which takes place in different part of the cities mostly on weekends. In the event many food vendors takes part in it and show their food expertise. Smorgasburg event mostly serves thousands of visitor’s on weekends. It’s a large scale market event.

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I visited this event on 17 April, 2016. I was astonished by the scale of the event itself and the options I had to choose from. I walked around for some time trying to explore more of the area. People who were serving were energetic and confident and that’s a good thing. What made it more attractive and fun was the location and weather itself.


I smelled BBQ, I looked around and there I saw one of the vendor’s Carnal were selling BBQ smoked short ribs which costed around $12 dollars. I think it was a bit pricey. There was a line I had to wait for my turn, it didn’t took that long. They prepared it very nicely and that BBQ smell was so catchy though. I was not sure if it worth the money I just invested on it but the first bite changed my opinion. Now I also wanted to try at least one more thing and was really curious for next surprise.

“A recipe has no soul, as a cook you must bring the soul to the recipe” – Thomas Keller

Now I understood the meaning of this quote I read the other day.


I always heard of people talking about taco’s but I never tried it before. I know it’s weird. That moment of glory was right in front of me when I saw Takumi Taco Stand. Again, I had to wait for my turn but I knew that I will get my first taco today. I was not worried about the cost this time, it costed around $5-6 dollars which made me extra happy. After having the first bite with my Pepsi soda, I don’t know if it’s a right combination. I had the same feeling like Neil Armstrong had when he took the first step on the moon. Taco overall was really good and I like the taste and the combination.

I think overall Smorgasburg event really worth a try and the atmosphere is always so welcoming and energetic.

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art”

Thank you for reading my blog.