Chelsea Market

On Thursday, March 31st at 8:30 my class and I, went on a field trip to the Chelsea market. This was my second time going and there was still do much I didn’t see. I arrived a bit late to the trip but eventually met up with the rest of the class who were in the meat market. The meat market didn’t smell bad at all and everything seemed pretty clean. At the meat market they only sold three types of meat; beef, pork, and lam After the meat market we paired up into teams of two and went on a scavenger hunt to find things we haven’t seen before. It was pretty cool because there were things I never saw before. During the scavenger hunt me and my partner wandered off to the kitchen store. It was a really cute store and I was tempted to buy everything but settled only for a paring knife. After the Scavenger hunt we went and looked at the different types of spices they had. We also went to an Italian supermarket and I was amazed at how many different types of pasta there were, however everything was in Italian so I didn’t understand it. We then went to the fish market, it was big and there was a wide variety seafood. I was surprised to see that there were different types of caviar and that one of them was considerably cheap. After this the trip was over and me and a couple other classmates went to go buy something to eat. We settled on Doughnuttery were they sell bite sized donuts. We tried the Purple Pig, Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Glaze. They were all pretty good especially the purple pig which has a weird taste at first but then becomes good. The Chelsea market overall was a good experience and I’ll definitely be going back to try more food.

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