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On Sunday April 17,2016 I took a trip to Smorgasburg ,in Prospect Park with my classmate. The experience was actually interesting because I never actually eat from stands. I always worried about how they wash their hands and keep the bugs away from the food. I honestly didn’t really like it because of the amount of people that was around. The line for each stand was really long.    Many things were very expensive that could’ve been cheaper. For example, I brought a bottle of water that I paid two dollars for. When in reality I could get it for a dollar or fifty cents.


First thing I tried was the Mozzarella sticks. The price I felt was just about right, only ten dollars. The ten dollars was actually worth it. The line was not so long and it was not so much of a long wait. I actually enjoyed them the cheese was great and the sauce was perfect. Mozzarella sticks are actually one of my favorite and these taste way better than the one I usually eat from the Chicken spot.

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Then, I tried a burger, from Might Quinn’s. It was 10 dollars for the big burger and you could do half and half, beef or pork. They also had mini burgers for 5 dollars. Honestly it was the worse burger I have ever tasted. I didn’t like it at all. I believe it didn’t want me to eat it from the beginning because when I was sitting to eat. My hamburger bun fell so I had to go and ask for another one. I believe the meat needed more flavor and seasoning to it. The sauce was actually good and the toppings was alright. The line was actually really long for this one and it was not worth it at all.


Also, I tried a cranberry-limeaid in Bon Chovie. I actually liked this drink, it was very refreshing. They were 4 dollars for like a medium size cup. I never actually tried fresh cranberries before and had the opportunity to in my drink. The cranberry was nasty but the it was good in the drink. The drink was not too watery or too sugary, it was just right. It is the perfect drink for a very long hot day.

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Lastly, I tried Gooey Butter cakes with these #sweetboys. It was actually good and for a pretty decent deal. The guys were very nice and sweet. They were 3 for 5 and they told us we were not going to regret buying it which actually made us buy the cakes. They actually taste like the pound cake you could buy in the supermarket which was actually not bad.

Overall, the trip was actually pretty decent. I didn’t really like that there was so many people. Not only that, there was plenty of dogs around and mother’s with strollers. I kept tripping over the strollers and afraid of the dogs. I saw plenty of hipsters around. I wanted to try a couple of other stands but I ended up being full. Not only that, the lines were ridiculous and I just didn’t want to wait forever.

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