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Hello everyone its Alison, on March 19 I visited Smorgasburg in Industry City.  This was my first ever Smorgasburg and this was a whole new experience for me.  Smorgasburg had traditional rugs, antique furniture, vintage clothing, handcrafted jewelry, old records, collectable comic books, and food vendors.  It has so much to offer not only in shopping but also in the different types of food vendors.  There was American, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Filipino, and Asian foods.

I went to Red Hook Lobster Pound to check out their menu because I like seafood.  When I saw the menu they had lobster rolls for $18, lobster BLT for $20 and lobster mac and cheese for $15.  No wonder they barely had a line, this is not the price I would want to pay for a small amount of lobster.  I can always ask my mom to cook lobster so this is not something special that I will be missing out on.

So I went to Ramen Burger because I heard my friends talk about it before and I wanted to see what the hype was about.  The line to order was decent, there were 8 people in front of me and it took about 6 minutes before I got to order my ramen burger.  There were 3 ramen burgers on the menu the original beef was $9, the vegetarian mushroom was $10, and the teriyaki shredded pork was $10.  The burger comes with options of adding cheese for $1 extra or adding bacon for $2 extra.  I order the teriyaki shredded pork ramen burger because it looked soft enough for me to chew.  I waited about 5 minutes for the cashier to call my name and hand me my ramen burger.  When I got it I had to walk around the crowed a bit to find an empty table for me to eat my food.  The portion of ramen burger was like any other regular burgers.  Inside the ramen burger there was yuzuslaw (Japanese citrus enhanced coleslaw), baby arugula and Berkshire pulled pork smothered in teriyaki sauce.  It was my first time trying a ramen burger and I liked it, it was tasty to me and the ramen buns and pork were soft so it didn’t give me a hard time to enjoy my meal.

Afterwards I wanted to get desert as I was taking pictures of Alchemy Creamery the salesperson saw me and greeted me.  Since there were no customers at Alchemy Creamery I felt awkward and I brought a classic brownie for $2.75.  I brought it home to try, and to me the brownie was too dry and cracked up.  Then I went to Wowfulls they had Asian mini cakes with ice cream and different toppings.  The line was long and it took about 10 minutes before I got to the cashier to order a matcha green tea wowfull with ice cream topped with mocha and green tea pocky.  It cost $8 and topping was free so I got condense milk and chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.  The wait for my wowfull took about 20-25minutes, it was way longer than I expected.  I ran into my friend working at Wowfull by accident so I say the wowfull was worth the wait and it was delicious.

Everything I saw in Smorgasburg was interesting and there is nothing I am unwilling to try.  But the most unusual food I saw was the prickly pear cactus lemonade for $4 from Fresh Roasted.  This was interesting because I remember my biology teacher said she licked a cactus and her tongue was paralyzed and she got a headache.  Then I look up cactus pear and I realized I seen them in the supermarket before, so maybe I will try this out next time I visit Smorgasburg.


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