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Ushered by the waves of people hurrying towards the same direction, I had no problem finding the outdoor Smorgasburg event held at Bushwick inlet park,Williamsburg. Passing by local businesses like Starbucks and Cafe Mogador, I realized the impact of Smorgasburg when no one was dining inside. Upon arrival, being my first time there, I shopped around with my girlfriend (the photographer) on prices, foods, and lines.

We began our munch journey at brunch street which sold kebab style french toast and sausage bites glazed in honey or poached eggs for 6 dollars. We bought the combo under the impression of sampling everything but was told that eggs are sold separately. The chef/cashier explained that the hot plate is only able to cook either or products as to keep the foods from cross contaminating. The product came piping hot and pricey for an appetizer compared to more filling sandwiches at just 2 dollars more. That being said, we continued to the Onisauce stall next door. Like the little girls savoring their Gobo chips, I found my 13$ salad well worth its price. The tangy house dressing complemented the umami flavor of the tender Japanese Waygu beef (I opted out of their special oni sauce which is their spicy best seller). Not your usual lettuce salad, the mizuna added a refreshing crunch to the whole platter. The browned lotus root and julienne tomatoes added color to the dish but if removing the garnishing would save me 2-3$, it is definitely something the dish can do without.

Sticking to trying one item per stall, my two people team moved towards something unique and different. Bamboo bite was sweet sticky rice with savory or sweet toppings. The sticky rice is kept warm by portable burner cans and I hope prepared beforehand in a bamboo. They had a bamboo theme which I found interesting and provided a drink option for their customers, unlike Onisauce. The line here was a bit longer which caught our attention at first and the combination of food and drink was cheaper than expected at 11$ for the pairing. The pork by itself was a bit dry for me and the cashier forgot to inform me that the dish itself is sprinkled with some red pepper flakes.

Lastly to end my short savory meal experience, I decided to grab a crispy treat vanilla ice cream sandwich. It was a pretty big sandwich for 9$ and I was able to enjoy all of it as the ice cream melted slower than expected due to the cold weather. Overall I’d skip the appetizers next time, and even though the bamboo idea and presentation of the dish sold me, I will spend the extra 2 dollars for another plate of Onisauce Grill Beef salad all day every day.



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