Smorgasburg – Jiaming Liang

On November 12th ,2016, I went to the Somorgasburg, winter flea and holiday market, in One Hanson Places near Barcleys Center and Atlantic Terminal. It is about 25 indoor Somorgasburg vendors selling food. Also maybe about 70 vintage, antique and other vendors in there. There were a lot of tourists around and some locals coming by to get their lunch.
The only vendor I went to is the “Ramen Burger” because I’m curious and amaze about it. The line is kind of long , but is was just a 10 minute wait. When it is my turn to order, I notice there some different kind of favors like original, teriyaki, cheese and veggie. So I choose the original one and is was $10 only for the burger without any drink. While I’m waiting, I can have a view on how they make my burger. First they fried the ramen to make it crispy. Then add some texture on the ramen bun and a ground beef with sauce added. That take like about 8 minute to make a Ramen Burger. Also there a picture in the front of the table it show a nice Ramen Burger and what else is added inside the burger. I notice there is shoyu sauce and some textures like scallions and arugula. It didn’t mention anything about portion size and calories. When I tasted it, the shoyu sauce and the ground beef gave a delicious sweet taste but the ramen is not crispy and the texture didn’t stand out either. After all I still manage to finish the Burger. I Still would recommend to try it.
Later I went to tour around to see other vendors. There some teriyaki chicken and it smell delicious. It was $6 for four pieces and the pieces are like the size of a chicken nugget but just adding some sauce on it. I think it didn’t worth it and I was kind of full after eating the Ramen Burger. While I was touring around I notice all the vendors handled the food cleanly by wearing gloves while making the foods and change gloves after they touch other things. Also they organize the food by categorize in different tables. Most of the price are very different because they different portion of what they are serving. I think is kind of overprice, however it worth for an experience.
Somorgasburg is so unique because there are multiple vendors in one area. It can have you walking around to decide what to eat for your meal. I think is a place for experience and maybe trying some food that never been heard before. Definitely recommend to visit at least one time.

Field Trip – Jiaming Liang

On Monday October 17th, 2016, Professor Krondl took us heading to see the Brooklyn Navy Yard rooftop garden. The Brooklyn Navy Yard rooftop garden farming plants have many kind of vegetable like , carrots, tomatoes, lettuces, peppers kale and Chickens. They have soil all the way from Pennsylvania and doesn’t use pesticides, that lead to the crops are healthier and way different crops we purchase from the supermarket. Before the garden was set on the rooftop, most of the water runoff went to the sewage system and now they have water pump up to the water tank to create an automatic watering system. Also the chance for the rooftop to get amount rain and sun in New York City. I learned that how they make farming in a sustainable idea of being able to use resource over again and maintain a good amount of resource. It is totally environmental-friendly.
After reading the article “Supersize”, I feel like other state farming or conventional farming are way different from rooftop farming. The conventional farming show a large area and produce a huge amount of product every years or every months or even every weeks. It has a magnificent quantity result, but the negative side is using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The reason is farming in a big farm there are large amount of insect in the fields, it is difficult for farmer to deal with them. So some farmer use pesticides to kill insect and also harm the plants. For chemical fertilizers make the product grow fast and quicker, eventually it will make the product may not seem most healthiest. In the rooftop garden is more focus on organic product so there won’t be any pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their farming.
In the United States, President Obama had the most issue on food system and there has to be change. He didn’t make any new act that seem to help the industry grow back up. The sustainability of agriculture is effected, for example the amount of fossil fuels is use during the transportation crops contributed great amount of CO2, cause pollution and global warming. The world need sustainability of ideas that can be environmental-friendly to fix the or minimize the negatives of farming.

Seafood & Sustainability- Tiffany Lau

According to Barton Seaver’s discussion about sustainability, he said it is the capacity to endure and maintain the supplies of seafood. When we talk of seafood, we get curious of how it impacts to us when we eat seafood. Even though we consume a lot of seafood from the ocean, it puts in a vital condition to our own lives. It is important that we should know how does seafood impact to some of our concerns. By learning more about “sustainability”, it will enable us to shift our perception of seafood away from goods to an opportunity to recover our ecosystem.

            We would want to gain sources on seafood sustainability to put in our advantages to evolve in a changing system. It would put us in a better knowledge in understanding of the ocean as a resources. Barton believed it would be useful to understand our environment if we replenish the ocean’s resources. For an example, if a consumer was informed where the fishes comes from, then the consumer can make a responsible choice what to do about it. Even a sustainable fisherman can target specific places where they find fishes in a lower food chain. That way it can reproduce more quickly to sustain their populations.

            Buying a sustainable seafood may be difficult because many fisheries are rapidly declining due an unstainable fishing practices. We want fishes that are sustainable because it is a healthy option. From the video called “Make Better Seafood Choices-Seafood Watch”, the speaker proposed an idea that we can download a Seafood Watch app, then we can ask the person in the seafood counter, ask them where the fishes come from and how they catch it. Even if they don’t know the information we are looking for, they would know that someone care for the environment. We can also share this information among to our friends and give them the idea to help them find better choices of fishes that are available.


Amethyst Chiaramonte Sustainability

Amethyst Chiaramonte

Professor Krondl

HMGT 1102

December 5, 2016


The definition of sustainability according to Barton Seaver is the capacity we endure and maintain our supplies of seafood. The reason we need to be “sustainable” is so that we can provide our ecosystem with a replenishing amount of fish, instead of wiping out our oceans. It is important to know that being sustainable does not support the farming of fish. About half of the fresh and frozen consumed is farmed rather than caught wildly. There is a heavy amount of cons that come along with farmed fish with little to none pros.

We would want to source seafood sustainably for many reasons. One of which being: it’s better for our ecosystem. Each day we take about a half of a billion pounds of fish from the ocean. According the the video, it’s not only about how many fish we retrieve, but how we do it. It’s considered unethical the way most fisherman catch these fish. Nets dragging along the seafloor kill these animals homes.

Buying sustainably is a large difference we can make in what is being produced for our markets. If we all chip in and buy local, or support the sustainable consumption of fish, it would help our ecosystem drastically. The first video discusses an app we can use to help us. It gives information on where the fish is from, if it’s farmed or wild, and etcetera. Another suggestion the video mentioned is to ask your supermarket men who work with fish where it’s from, and show them that you care. Showing your care can help change this progressing issue.

Smorgasburg Blog- Isabella Velasquez

On Sunday November 6, I attended the Smorgasburg festival in Brooklyn, Ny. When I first arrived i felt the environment as packed and a bit stuffy, however i also felt the wonderful essence from all the different kinds of food. It was overwhelming at first considering the fact that this was my first time attending, yet i had no idea what item to eat first. I first took a look around before i decided to buy anything. I remember as i walked i saw how much diversity this exact festival had to offer, and it was amazing. It had been a great experience watching all the different nationalities brought together by food. As i continued walking i came across a little table not too far from the entrance. It was decorated in beautiful Asian patterning. The drapes behind the table tied in nicely with the aroma of a fresh fruit smell. This presentation immediately caught my eye, so i knew i had to stop and see what this mysterious table had to offer. I take a look inside this small booth and i see a small Asian Woman with a sweet smile. I had complimented her on her decorations and she smiled back. As i kept looking around i see these small apple looking plates. I asked the woman what it was and she said “Apple KImchi”. First bite into this and it had a sweet yet spicy taste, however while chewing the sweetness from the apple kicks in adding a flavorful blend. As of result i enjoyed it so much i ended up buying two pieces.
As the festival came to an end, i realized all that i missed out on over the years. This whole time living in this city and had no idea of this festival. This was by far an excellent idea to come and experience great food. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to spend a day exploring new things, come to Smorgasburg and enjoy some great food.

Field Trip Blog- Isabella Velasquez

Sustainability can be best defined as the process to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. In other words to continue the definite works of nature without causing harm to the environment. On October 21, 2016 our class observed this by traveling to the roof top garden at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. We observed the many crops that were grown. As a class we learned how sustainability works and how to prevent harm to the environment.This was trip was both entertaining and educational. Many of the ideas Professor Krondl’s colleague explained and demonstrated, were also discussed in Michael Pollan’s article,”Big food strikes back”. Pollan primarily discusses the idea that it has been brought to the public’s attention, that our agricultural system is experiencing many defaults causing harm for the environment and potential economic risks. For instance Pollan illustrates that our current agricultural system is consequently causing various greenhouses to produce harm in our society. Not only is it causing the environment it is also causing a decline in our economy. This is demonstrated in the article when Pollan states “it’s creating monocultures that are vulnerable to national security threats, are now vulnerable to sky-high food prices or crashes in food prices, huge swings in commodity prices”. This evidence suggests that with these risks we as community should work together to prevent greenhouse gasses from harming our society.
Consequently, greenhouse gasses are causing harm, but with the knowledge our class acquired from the trip we can work together to help this environment. I believe that sustainability in our crops and farmland can be possible.

Smorgasburg Reaction Blog

At the Smorgasburg food trucks I first saw three vendors. One of them was selling coffee, the other two were selling food. Tradicional plates with duck and burgers. The saturday after that one I went again. There were lots of food trucks. The food trucks were selling different types of food from different countries. Many people attended to this place to buy food and enjoy the day close to the river. I decided to only buy pastries in this occasion because the quantity of the food was a lot and needed to be eaten at that moment. First I got three small butter cakes for $5 dollars from the St. Louis tradition. I didn’t like it a lot because it felt too oily. It was very buttery, soft and very very sweet. These cakes had three different layers topped with powdered sugar. It also had a gooey and crisp consistency. The second pastry that I tried was a Cinna Bis Stick for $5 dollars too. It was bland, sweet, with a cinnamon flavor and a little dry. But the flavors didn’t blend well, it was a little dry. The pastry was twisted topped with cinnamon and sugar glazed. The third pastry that I tried was a Japanese Sweet Rice Cake. The consistency was sticky and soft. It tasted like chocolate and rice. The color was brown and light yellow with a little bit of green. The last thing that I bought was a Cafe Au Lait donut for $4 dollars. I didn’t like this donut because it was very dry, bland, too sweet and it tasted more like flour. The prices of the food that the vendors were selling were pretty good. This is a good way of selling traditional food and choosing different types of food to  try. They had simple foods on their menu and easy to do. I will go there the next year to try the other type of food that I didn’t get to try. Even though some of the food were not as traditional Ill love to try it. 

Smorgasburg – Amethyst Chiaramonte

Amethyst Chiaramonte

Smorgasburg is a seasonal event that takes place in Brooklyn on Saturdays and Sundays at two separate locations. I decided to go to the Saturday Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. The Smorgasburg featured many Asian food stands, as well as having a variety of different cuisines. This seemed like a local attraction to me, it brought in many families with children. Every dish looked delicious, but the two items that caught my eye were the “raindrop cake” and the “ramen burger”. I’ve heard of this ramen burger before but the prices of the items weren’t convincing enough. The portions were very small in comparison to the prices. Dishes ranged from about eight to twelve dollars. Do not come here hungry. This would be a nice place to visit if one is just in the mood for a quick bite. Dishes were served in brown paper packaging, which is convenient for on the go use. Although it was a friendly environment, it seemed as if there was some sort of tension between vendors. Each vendor had something unique that the other vendors didn’t, which is bound to happen in an event like this. I would recommend this event to families, couples, friends, or even a single person trip. It appeared to be an attraction for hipsters, most likely because it was located in Williamsburg. The customers were not very diverse and seemed to be middle class. The environment felt friendly and comfortable. I would recommend the Smorgasburg to foodies or any family looking to get out of town. img_0051img_0047img_0039img_0049

The Smorgasburg~Gloria Garcia

The Smorgasburg contains more than 100 vendors displaying their food for more than 10,000 visitors every Saturday and Sunday from April through November. The Smorgasburg promotes culinary tourism therefore making it one of the most popular destinations in Brooklyn. On Saturday October 29 I went to the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg with my parents, siblings and a close friend of mine. Due to the weather the area was full of people and the choices of food were endless. The area provides a great view and a bunch of benches for the customers, making it a great site for families.

First, I went to take a look at the different vendors to see what type of food they were offering. There was a lot of diversity in the food from Mexican to Japanese, Chinese, American anything that one would crave for. I was very impressed on how vendors organize themselves in order to serve their consumers in small spaces. As I walked I heard different amounts of music in each booth, most relating to the food that were being sold. Most of the food tempted me, mostly because they were things that I never heard about, tasted or the way they were displayed. However I will try them once I go back. I’m the type to try different dishes, I see it as a way of learning about different cultures and expanding my knowledge on culinary tourism. The prices vary with each vendor, some are rather high for the portions that they serve. The customers that I saw were teenagers around 18 or 19 and older, probably 40. It seems that the area was almost full of tourists which would explain the prices for the dishes.

Once I finished my small tour I decided to go to the two vendors that had a huge line so I could see what the fuss was all about. First I went to the Ramen Burger, which I never knew existed until that day and it seemed very interesting. While I was waiting on line I observed the process of how the burger was made. It all starts with the noodle buns, they are cooked on a griddle with a splash of sesame oil making the texture chewy instead of crunchy. The beef is then griddled and coated with a secret shoyu ramen sauce. The middle of the burger contains arugula, scallions and based on the preference of the consumer cheese. The burger was $10, it would’ve been a good price if it was a little bit bigger however I was satisfied with the flavors. At the first bite you can taste the mixture of the sauce with the beef and bun, the scallions and arugula taking it to a whole other level. This is a must try burger for those who have yet to experience new culinary creations.

My second stop was in Home Frite, this was the #1 stop for every consumer everyone was walking around with their fries. It was obvious that this was going to be my next stop. The line was a bit longer than the Ramen Burger and it took some time for me to be at the front. I ordered the Dutch fries which were topped with curry ketchup, lemon aioli and chopped onions. The fries were $8 which was a reasonable price due to its size. I shared them with my friend and both us agree that the mixture of flavors were amazing while the crunchiness was perfect.

My friend made a stop at Dough to get some donuts since they looked very delicious and there was a good amount of different flavors. She ended up getting the Hibiscus and Dulce de Leche donuts. The hibiscus was sweet with a little bit of tanginess, but good. The Dulce de Leche was sweet enough and the toasted almonds gave it an exquisite taste. The dough in both donuts were cooked perfectly and tasted like they were fresh out of the oven.

The Smorgasburg was a very wonderful experience that makes me want to come again and do it all over again. The best thing about it is that once the weather begins to get cold the Smorgasburg is then placed inside. I’m looking forward to check the place out and see how different it is from the area that I visited.

Smorgasburg Reaction Blog –Xiaoqing Wu

          On October 29th, I went to the Smorgasburg food market located at 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn. It was a sunny day, and I felt very excited because there were about 100 vendors selling their food there. It was a good place for friends gathering.

I chose the “Ramen Burger” as my first meal, because I was curious about how it tasted like. I saw there were many people waiting there, and it seemed they were all interested in this creative burger. I spent twenty minutes to get my ramen burger. And, the burger costed ten dollars for each. I saw the workers cooked the ramen and beef separately. Actually, the ramen was already cooked in a little square size, and then the workers just fried the ramen until it became a little crispy on both side.  Once the ramen and the beef were done, they would put into two separate tray. Then, they put the ramen and beef together. They offered original flavor and cheese flavor. And I decided to try the cheese flavor burger with ramen, ground beef, cheese, green onion and a little arugula. When I taste the burger, I felt nothing special and it just a burger with a sweet soy sauce on it. However, the ramen was not enough crispy on both side and the ground beef was dry. Thus, I wasn’t enjoyed my first meal.

The second dishes I tried was “Mofongo”, which was a Puerto Rican dish. I usually eat Asian food in my daily, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai food, but I never tried this special food before. So, I was very attracted by this Puerto Rican dish. This vendor offered two different kind of mofongo, one with fried pork on the top, and the another one with some little piece of stew beef on the top. I only could choose the stew beef one, because they already sold out the fried pork one. And, this dish costed me ten dollars. This Mofongo was made with plantain, garlic, little piece of stew beef, a soup made with special spices. It was very interesting to try a dish which was made by banana. I sipped the soup first, but it tastes a little bit salty. Then, I ate from bottom through the top. The bottom was mofongo, which mixed the fried plantain and garlic together, and it tasted very soft and full of garlicky. The stew beef was very yummy, and it tasted a little bit tender and sweet. Comparing to my first meal, I liked my second meal much more.

At that day, I spent twenty dollars on these two dishes. The ramen burger was not as good as many people said and it was not worth for ten dollars, because it was smaller than the regular burger size, and the quality of the beef was tasted the same as the normal ground beef. Fortunately, the Mofongo surprised me a lot. You would be full, if you finish the whole mofongo. Because the mofongo was made with banana, and banana had enough nutrition to comfort your stomach. In conclusion, it was a wonderful experience for me to explore different culture food in Smorgasburg.