Today, I will be taking my first ever virtual trip to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. This session will focus heavily on the aspect of old school and new school pieces of Korean Art. These kinds of pieces spanned for many years from the 1900s all the way to the present day ranging from different styles, articulate imagery and eye popping scenery.


One of the art pieces I saw of a bat and got me really interested was called Vindictive Spurts. It was made in a scroll form at 4/4 m long and was dealing with the topic of the massacre and destruction of the Korean War. Do we have multiple soldiers who have lost legs, lower bodies, heads etc. It’s a pretty chilling image when you see for yourself that even one human who looks like a child was nothing but flesh and Bone as if they were eating at all. Did this method to describe the deaths of modern and contemporary Korean history and the ‘Han’ of the People. I found this fascinating and it was a great way to showcase what struggles Korean people have gone through over the years especially within the Korean War. We’re multiple soldiers were lost and some still live on but developed deformities and handy caps, was truly a brutal time.


This experience was pretty cool but at the same time a bit underwhelming. For me, I like a more Hands-On approach without really touching and it says you’re not allowed to. I like being in person and going to museums to see the pieces in the flesh and in person. I want to see the details within every single piece of what the artist is trying to say and convey.