This semester has been by far one of my most busiest I’ve ever had in my whole life. There has been so much stuff going on that I saw a burn out early. There was always a chance to withdraw, but I never did because I knew I would pull through. But seriously, I never thought I would be so worn out like this. It’s actually the end of the semester. Oh, I can’t believe it came to this actually. It felt like yesterday I was just starting and looking for an internship, I’ve already finished my internship and I’m about to finish up some other stuff. 


After graduating in the spring and doing one more class in the summer and getting my bachelor’s, it’s over. I’m  still a young adult but I’ll be an actual adult and get a job. I’ll be going to more important events, video game tournaments, Comic-Con, and it’ll all be my choice as an adult. Having so much fun until I’m at the rightful age to retire and settle down with people working for me at my side. It certainly has been one hell of a journey, and honestly, I rather have this kind of journey than a boring one. Thank you to everyone for believing in me and especially thank you, professor. I know you’re reading this with a smile on your face right now. Thank you for everything you have done. With one and a half semesters to go, I’m willing to pump out.


Take Care of yourselves and please have yourself a damn good one.