Brain Sparker it’s a rather simple app that can be used effectively for creative minds who have a certain block. This could be any block like art, writer’s block, any kind. Brain Sparker has access to different kinds of key words and quotes for you to use and to get inspired. For example, you can click on the logo and at random the next card will appear with either a word, a phrase or a quote such as “Sick”, “Never Quit”, “it’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” and stuff like that. 


There isn’t really anything dynamic going on, but it is a simple app to use whenever you’re in a pickle. For example if you need an idea for a comic book story, you can go onto the app and see what makes its Park as employees with the name. I should start using this more whenever I have severe flaws because I get to where our flocks of the time and I believe in Brain Sparker and help remedy this as I pump out more and more pieces for my portfolio.