Clinical Experiences

J.G. 42 yr old male H/III/IV


      • Attrition on #23-25 present with Class 3 Mobility.
      • Supernumerary tooth present between #11 and #12, as well as above #2 on his hard palate. Retained root tips on #1 and #2.

        Supra gingival calculus

      • J.G. presented with suspicious Class 1, carious lesions on the occlusal surfaces of #1, and #2.


      • Patient has generalized erythematous and inflamed gingiva, especially along his mandibular anteriors. His hard palate is very keratinized, due to his cigar smoking. His maxillary interdental papillae are flaccid and retractable.J.G. is a candidate for Arestin, due to his generalized pockets depths of 5-6mm, and minimal bone loss . Administered Arestin in: #4MB/DB, #5DB, #6MB, #20MB, #21DB. Before placing Arestin the pocket depths for each of these sites were: #4MB-6, #4DB-5, #5DB-6, #6MB-6, #20MB-7 and #21DB-7. After placing Arestin the pockets for those sites were: #4MB-5, #4DB-4, #5DB-4, #6MB-3, #20MB-4 and #21DB-4.

Other findings:

      • J.G. admitted to being a regular cigar smoking. I gave him information on smoking cessation, and explained to him how if he really wanted to control his periodontal disease, and save the rest of his teeth, that it would be wise to quit smoking of any kind. I was trying to educate him on how much smoking can effect the oral cavity and can delay or prevent any healing that could be done to his gingiva after this deep cleaning.

Reflecting on my clinical experience with J.G. it felt really good to watch him get excited about how his teeth were becoming healthier. He was able to “feel” some of his natural teeth he said for the first time in years. Throughout our time together J.G. saw less bleeding while he was brushing and flossing. He also was very eager to continue to be more educated about his oral health. Being able to actually make a difference not only esthetically, but to also help expand his dental knowledge really made me appreciate what I can do for my patients, and it was very motivating.


Kassa: H/II
Patient presented with Leukoplakia on lateral service of tongue, patient was given a referral to have examined.


E.A. 31yr old Caucasian female. Gingiva had localized marginal inflammation on both her upper and lower anteriors. Patient still presents with deciduous teeth (#G), and a peg lateral (#7). Patient is also clinically missing all 3rd molars, as well as #11. A PAN was taken to examine if her 3rd molars, as well as her permeant maxillary incisor is congenitally missing. After examining the radiographs it is confirmed that these teeth are congenitally missing.