Students complete their evaluations of teaching toward the end of every semester. This provides valuable feedback that covers the scope of a whole course and I pay careful attention to what my strengths are and what needs attention.

A summary of my student evaluations of teaching appear in the table below.

Highlights from student comments on teaching:

She is a great professor, although if you are looking for an easy A this class is not for you. If you get an A in this class you know your stuff and really deserve it. The test are difficult and there is a quiz every week. Overall she is one of my favorite professors because she challenged me and made sure I knew what i was doing.

—MAT 1575 Student on, Spring 2015


She knows her stuff. She offers you plenty of chances via extra credit and slight curving wherever applicable. She spends a lot of the lecture portion on teaching theory with sample questions. If you want to do well, make sure to attend classes on time, do all HW and WW. You reap what you sow in this class, work for that A and you will prosper.

—MAT 1575 Student on, Spring 2017

Summary of student evaluations of teaching:

Scores are out of 5.

Spring 2018MAT 12754.484.4
Spring 2017MAT 24404.634.32
Fall 2016MEDU 20104.834.34
Spring 2016MAT 25404.524.4
Fall 2015MAT 26904.754.36
Spring 2015MAT 15754.524.44
Spring 2015MAT 15754.664.44
Fall 2014MAT 15754.194.35
Fall 2014MAT 14754.284.35
Fall 2014MAT 11904.014.35
Spring 2014MAT 15754.424.39
Spring 2014MAT 1475H4.784.39
Fall 2013MAT 14754.434.38
Fall 2013MAT 13754.824.38
Fall 2013MAT 13754.084.38