(Quoted from the math department webpage)

The mathematics department offers a full range of courses, from non-credit ones for students whose mathematics preparation is insufficient for credit-level work to those designed for students in all degree programs at the college. The mathematics department also offers three degree programs:

• AS in Computer Science,
• BS in Applied Mathematics,
• BS in Mathematics Education.

I have taught a wide variety of math classes at different levels at CityTech. These include courses for students in each of our department’s three degree programs, courses in the calculus sequence, and a general education course . Please see the table for a complete list. Click on the course code to see the course outline; click on the semester to see the course website (where applicable).

Course CodeTitleCreditsHoursMaximum
MEDU 2010Technology in Mathematics Education2324F16, F17
MAT 1190Quantitative Reasoning3335F14
MAT 1275College Algebra and Trigonometry4435F17, S18
MAT 1375Precalculus4438F13, F18, F19
MAT 1475Calculus I4435F13, F14
MAT 1475HHonors Calculus I4420S14
MAT 1575Calculus II4435S14, F14, S15, F18
MAT 2440Discrete Structures and Algorithms I3430S17
MAT 2540Discrete Structures and Algorithms II3430S16
MAT 2680Differential Equations3330F15