Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance stars a character who had a rocky starts since his first appearance. After Metal Gear Solid which is considered by many to be one of the best stealth games of all time, the sequel came out starring a new character. Raiden taking over as the main character of MGS2 caused the fans who loved Snake so much to dislike the game and him. Many people thought of him as a pansy compared Snake. He seemed young, seemed to rely on mostly VR Mission training and seemed whiny. MGR:R changes the way everyone saw him.

As a long time fan of Raiden(MGS2 was my favorite MGS game) seeing Raiden become a cyborg ninja in a more action oriented game was a treat. He is shown as a badass character here as opposed to the supposed whiny kid he was before. He also doesn’t rely on stealth as much as he did in the mgs games. The controls play very well. You feel like you’re a cyborg ninja and the “cut what you will” style of the game works well. You can cut enemies into hundreds of tiny pieces. The story of the game is just as good as a MGS game. The characters are ok but could be better with the exception of a few. One of the game’s main antagonists, Samual Rodriguez is a great character. He adds a lot to the story and his playable DLC story makes him his own character, not a reskin of Raiden.

Overall the game is great. I bought the limited edition of the game and do not regret it. The game is very much alive and there is always dlc coming out for it. It gets a 9/10. Very good game. While it does not use stealth as much as the Meta Gear Solid games it does create a solid first game to create an action series out of. Any action game fan or fan of Raiden should look into this.