Nightwing in his newer blue and black costume



After being fired by Batman, Grayson  asks Superman what he should be now that he isn’t Robin anymore. Superman tells him of a hero on Krypton who was cast out by his family and set out to protect the helpless. He decides to honor the Kryptonian by naming himself NightWing. He is revealed as Nightwing to the Titans after saving them from Deathstroke.  NightWing  was given his own mini series in the year 1995 due to his increasing popularity.  After the mini series NightWing was given his own full series. The original NightWing costume was based on the outfits of The Flying Graysons. This costume was redesigned as shown above in the 1996 series. In the more recent New 52 comics his costume is black with a red birdlike design over the chest going on as a stripe into each arm. His weapons are two eskrima that can stun opponents with electricity. He uses cables and acrobatics to get across buildings As NightWing he has given advice to and helped train the others who would take his place as Robin.  He has also taken on the mantle of Batman when Bruce was unable to.

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