The role of Robin has been filled by many different people. Richard “Dick” Grayson is a DC character that has appeared in many comics and was the very first Robin.  He made his first appearance in Detective Comics #38 in April of 1930. Grayson was an eight young boy who worked as an acrobat with his parents in “The Flying Graysons”.  He watched his parents die because of a mafia boss named Tony Zucco who was trying to extort money from the circus.  Dick Grayson  was taken in by Bruce Wayne(Batman) as his legal ward and adopted son.Batman created his costume for him and they fought crime together.  As time passed an he grew up Grayson grew tired of his role as Robin. After being shot in the shoulder by the Joker, Batman fires Grayson because he doesn’t want to endanger him anymore.  Grayson moves out of the mansion and joins the Teen Titans full time.

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