In Class

Week 1: Introductions, History, Families, Anatomy

Week 2: ePortfolio, Font Book, InDesign, Kerning, Leading

Week 3: Grid, Project #1 The Type Book: Anatomy & Five Families of Type

Week 4: Five Families, Principles of Design, Alignment

Week 5: Variations, Alignment

Week 6: Leading, Tracking, Kerning, Paths

Week 7: Legibility: Color, Hierarchy

Week 8: Layouts (Grid), Logotype

Week 9: MIDTERM, Group Crit, Cover Page, Prep for Print (Style Sheets)

Week 10: Project #2, Mindmapping, Outlining, Magazines Anatomy, Font Creation

Week 11: Magazine Conventions, Style Sheets, Layers, Placing Images, Type Book Critique

Week 12: Layers, Threading Text Boxes, Placing and Fitting Images, Clipping Mask, Text Wrap, Converting to Frame, Spell Check, TOC, Binding, Printing for Booklet

Week 13: Magazine Crit, Quality of Typography Checklist, Project #3 Intro, Interactivity

Week 14: Animation, FINAL EXAM review student lectures

Week 15: Project #3 Critique