Week 13, Session 1 (Critique)


In groups of 3-4, share each other’s Magazines. Have one student take notes on this discussion board (please include group members names):

• Discuss the difference between your experience looking at the digital versions of the Type Book and Magazine versus handling the physical product.

• What were some things that didn’t turn out how you expected? Where there any happy mistakes?

Week 13, Session 1 (OpEd)

Leave a comment about your reaction to Helvetica the movie:

Likes, dislikes?  •  Something you agree or disagree with?  •  Something that resonated with you?  •  A connection you made to another subject, person, art form?  •  Something that confused you? Something in the movie that inspired you?  •  How has your opinion about Helvetica or other typefaces changed as a result of watching this?

Week 11, Session 2 (Critique)


In groups of 4, share each other’s Type Book. Have one student take notes.

Discuss the difference between your experience with the digital book versus the physical book:

• How much of the book (in %) turned out exactly as you planned or imagined it?

• What are some examples of things that didn’t turn out how you expected (for example, size of objects, placement of things, color, neatness, readability)?

• What were some immediate changes you felt you wanted to make after it was printed?

• What are some surprises or satisfying outcomes of having the book printed?

Write the names of your group mates, and their answers to these questions in this discussion board.

Week 6, Session 1 (OpEd)

1) Read this short article on Ed Ruscha’s typography paintings and then view more of them by Google (image) searching: Ed Ruscha typography.

2) Choose a painting (reference the name and date) and comment on the affect the typography has on the meaning of the word being displayed:

• How does the word sound in your head when you read it through the filter of Ruscha’s typography?

• How does the typography enhance, conflict, or entirely deconstruct the meaning of the word for you?

Q3) Families of Type Recipe

Divide up into 5 groups (1 member to write post)

Instruction: First research your specific family in greater detail (what are some key characteristics) and then post answer to each question,

  1. Outline some key characteristics of your family (by comparing and contrasting on this page)
  2. Give one reason why your font family evolved (current events in culture and technology)
  3. Write a cookie recipe:

• Imagine you are baking a batch of cookies in the shape of each type family

• Write a recipe with a list of instructions (at least 4-5 instruction) as to how you would trim, elongate, cut negative shapes within, thin out, etc.

• Include a link to a picture, which you can point to while you are presenting your recipe

Resources to start with: Old Style • Transitional • Modern • Slab • San Serif