Week 8, Session 2

View this website. Click on a few neighborhoods and read the concepts behind the visual choices.

On this discussion page, comment with your own concept and logic for a logo (made of type) that you would design to represent your neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Week 8, Session 2”

  1. My concept of a type based logo for my neighborhood would incorporate different types of fonts to spell the name of the neighborhood. My reasoning for this would be because of the diversity of Washington Heights; The neighborhood that i’m from.

  2. I thought about my brownstone-and-tree-lined-street neighborhood – Clinton hill – and how/why that neighborhood is defined the way it is. It’s sandwiched between Fort Greene and Bed Stuy and the only way to tell the neighborhoods apart are the streets, and of course the subway stops. The southwestern-most subway station is Clinton-Washington, considered the boarder between Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. The northeastern stop is Classon, the cut off point between Bed Stuy and Clinton Hill – and I’d want to incorporate that into a logo, along with the brownstones and trees. This was really long and confusing sorry!!!

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